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groan / grōn/ • v. [intr.] make a deep inarticulate sound in response to pain or despair: Marty groaned and pulled the blanket over his head. ∎  [with direct speech] say something in a despairing or miserable tone: “Oh God!” I groaned. ∎  complain; grumble: they were moaning and groaning about management. ∎  (of a thing) make a low creaking or moaning sound when pressure or weight is applied: James slumped back into his chair, making it groan and bulge. ∎  (groan under/beneath) fig. be oppressed by: families groaning under mortgage increases. ∎  (groan with/under) be heavily loaded with: tables groan with smoking joints of venison.• n. a deep, inarticulate sound made in pain or despair. ∎  a complaint: to listen with sincerity to everyone's moans and groans. ∎  a low creaking or moaning sound made by an object or device under pressure: the protesting groan of timbers.PHRASES: groan inwardly feel like groaning at something but remain silent: everything has a tepid inevitability, and even as you smile you may be groaning inwardly.DERIVATIVES: groan·er n.groan·ing·ly adv.