Grizzly Mountain

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Grizzly Mountain ★★½ 1997 (G)

Dylan (Dylan Haggerty) and his sister Nicole (Lund) are camping in Oregon with their parents when they decide to explore a cave. After some mysterious rumbling and shaking, the siblings emerge in the 1870s. They meet mountain man Jeremiah (Haggerty), who promises to help them return home, but he's got problems of his own—bad guy Burt (Stephens) wants to dynamite the mountain so the railroad can come through. Pic wanders back and forth between the two time periods and the kids learn a lesson in ecology (and are reunited with their parents). Easy-going; some beautiful scenery. 96m/C VHS, DVD . Dan Haggerty, Dylan Haggerty, Nicole Lund, Perry Stephens, Kim Morgan Greene, Martin Kove, Robert Budaska, E.E. Bell, Marguerite Hickey, Don Borza; D: Jeremy Haft; W: Peter White, Jeremy Haft; C: Andy Parke; M: Jon McCallum.