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ex·it / ˈegzit; ˈeksit/ • n. 1. a way out, esp. of a public building, room, or passenger vehicle: a fire exit. ∎  a ramp where traffic can leave a highway, major road, or traffic circle: he pulled off at an exit.2. an act of going out of or leaving a place: he made a hasty exit from the room.• v. (ex·it·ed, ex·it·ing) [intr.] go out of or leave a place or situation: they exited from the aircraft [tr.] elephants enter and exit the forest on narrow paths. ∎  (of an actor) leave the stage. ∎  (exit) used as a stage direction in a printed play to indicate that a character leaves the stage: exit Pamela. ∎  Comput. terminate a process or program, usually returning to an earlier or more general level of interaction: this key enables you to temporarily exit from a LIFESPAN option. ∎  Bridge relinquish the lead.

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