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col·ored / ˈkələrd/ (Brit. col·oured) • adj. 1. having or having been given a color or colors, esp. as opposed to being black, white, or neutral: brightly colored birds | [in comb.] a peach-colored sofa. ∎ fig. imbued with an emotive or exaggerated quality. 2. (also Colored) wholly or partly of nonwhite descent (now usually offensive in the U.S.). ∎  (also Coloured) S. Afr. used as an ethnic label for people of mixed ethnic origin, including African slave, Malay, Chinese, and white. ∎  relating to people who are wholly or partly of nonwhite descent. • n. 1. (also Colored) dated, usually offens. a person who is wholly or partly of nonwhite descent. ∎ S. Afr. a person of mixed ethnic origin speaking Afrikaans or English as their mother tongue. 2. (coloreds) clothes, sheets, etc., that are any color but white (used esp. in the context of washing and color fastness).

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