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Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University Online

Colorado Springs, Colorado


Colorado Technical University Online provides students with a high-quality education relevant to the needs and demands of the ever-evolving business and technical job markets. CTU Online offers innovative, career-relevant degree programs completely online, so students can learn anywhere, any time, on any computer with Internet-access. Each program's content is continually updated and instantly applicable.


CTU Online offers one of the best e-learning platforms available. Students experience the latest in course delivery systems. Classes are taught in multimedia format, which provides a rich, dynamic, interactive classroom experience. The programs offer many opportunities for students to adapt their learning experiences to their own personal styles. Students who prefer to have a hard copy of notes can print the presentation. Each student is in control of the pace of a professor's presentation. For students who like to ask questions, there is a glossary of terms section available for each course. Students can also participate in discussions with the instructors and other students. Since the participants are employed in a variety of interesting professions, students gain insightful knowledge and learn from each other's experiences.


CTU Online offers bachelor's degrees in criminal justice and in business administration with concentrations in human resource management, information technology, management, and marketing; an Executive M.B.A. degree; and Master of Management (M. S.M.) degrees in business management, information systems security, information technology management, and project management. In addition, CTU Online degree programs incorporate multiple professional certificates that students earn as they progress through their degree programs, without added courses or additional cost. This unique aspect of the program enables participants to progressively add certificate credentials to their resumes. Students with no previous college or military training can complete the bachelor's degree programs in about 2½ years. The master's programs take fifteen months to complete online.

The B.S.B.A. in information technology gives students the technical skills and strong management skills they need to position themselves for career advancement in this growing industry. Participants earn seven Professional Certificates as they work toward the completion of their degree program.

The M.S.M. in information systems security prepares technical leaders in systems security management, including methods to combat threats to corporate technical resources. This program provides a strong foundation for students to advance their technical skills in order to plan, manage, certify, and accredit an organization's security plan. The program includes four Professional Certificates: information systems security, information systems security management, project management, and security certifications and accreditation.

The M.S.M. in IT management degree program prepares students to assume positions of leadership with the practical skills and knowledge to get the job done on time and within budget. This program is designed as a broad-based IT management curriculum applicable to private industry, government organizations, and nonprofit organizations. Students gain an understanding of computer architecture, networking and telecommunication, database management, business and financial management strategies, and more. Students also earn four Professional Certificates: database management, networking and telecommunications, systems analysis and integration, and project management.

The B.S.B.A. degree program emphasizes practical competencies, creative leadership approaches, and the development of critical-thinking skills. Students select a concentration in management, information technology, human resource management, or marketing. This degree program incorporates a number of Professional Certificates, including basics of accounting and finance, business fundamentals, business in the global environment, human resource development, management essentials, organizational systems improvement, project planning, and sales and marketing.

Since 1965, Colorado Technical University (CTU) has helped thousands of students achieve success in business, management, and technology careers. Academic programs are continually evaluated and updated for relevance and currency. Faculty members work closely with industry advisory boards made up of respected professionals who are behind the innovations that drive global business. CTU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The M.S.M. in business management program is designed to provide immediate management applications along with the knowledge and understanding of the critical skills necessary to analyze and solve various business problems. The program equips students with an understanding of the fundamental issues related to technology's role today and in the future. Students develop both technical expertise and business savvy and learn to create new technology-based business paradigms to achieve organizational goals. Three Professional Certificates are earned during the course of this degree program: project management, IT/business transformation, and change management.

Successful management careers demand creative leadership and vision from professionals who are able to solve problems effectively and efficiently. The M.S.M. in project management focuses on the importance of leadership as it pertains to the complete spectrum of management responsibilities. Program content covers such key areas as time and conflict management, HR management, risk analysis and management, and scheduling techniques. The program includes three Professional Certificates: project management, change management, and business management.

The Colorado Tech Online Executive M.B.A. delivers immediate management applications along with the knowledge and understanding of the critical skills necessary to analyze and solve various business problems. The emphasis is on real-world skills and knowledge that managers need to succeed in today's business world. Unlike most other Executive M.B.A. programs, it also incorporates information technology management and project management competencies. Students earn three Professional Certificates in this program: business administration, business management, and change management.

The B.S.B.A. in marketing provides students with the knowledge they need to succeed in an industry that features some of the highest wage and salary growth rates in the entire employment field. The program gives graduates an understanding of the intricate relationships between organizations and their customers. Course content has been developed to emphasize current marketing trends and opportunities for success. Nine Professional Certificates are earned during the course of this program: basics of accounting and finance, business fundamentals, business in the global environment, human resource development, management essentials, organizational systems improvement, project planning, sales and marketing, and marketing research.

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Program gain a solid knowledge base in the areas of the courts, corrections, and law enforcement in addition to the management skills needed for career advancement. The program is unique in that it offers students a component of forensic study not usually available at the undergraduate level. This program includes four Professional Certificates: corrections technician, crime scene investigation, law enforcement skills, and legal studies and court process.


CTU Online has a 24/7 Help Desk to provide technical support to students for the duration of their studies. A toll-free number connects students to trained technical support professionals dedicated to providing assistance whenever they need it.

For research and curriculum support, CTU Online students have access to a full academic library completely online. The texts, journals, and articles and thousands of other resources are accessible whenever a student needs them.

The Career Services Department is staffed by skilled professionals who assist students with their career planning process. The department's full range of services includes career development strategy, individual student consultations, job search strategies, interviewing tips, and resume and cover letter assistance.


Students with college credit or military experience may be eligible for the baccalaureate degree completion program. This can reduce the time required to complete a degree program.


CTU Online's faculty members have advanced degrees and are also established professionals in their fields, giving students valuable opportunities to derive insights and real-world perspectives from experts. They bring situation-specific relevance to every course so that students receive an education that they can apply in the real world. CTU Online also limits the number of students enrolled in each class in order to encourage interaction with and personal attention from professors.


To apply for admission, students must submit an online application. There is a $50 application fee. CTU Online then contacts applicants to arrange for a personal telephone interview and for the necessary school transcripts to be submitted. TOEFL scores are required from nonnative speakers of English. The entire admission process can take as little as four to seven days.


Tuition amounts vary. Students should call an admissions representative for more information.


CTU Online
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Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

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