Progressive Conservative Party

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Progressive Conservative Party (Fr. Parti Progressiste-Conservateur du Canada, formerly Liberal-Conservative Party) Canadian political party formed by John A. Macdonald in 1854. The party adopted its present name in 1942. Between 1948 and 1978, the Progressive Conservative Party held office only once (1957–63), under John Diefenbaker. Joe Clark formed a short-lived government (1979–80), but the Liberal Party soon returned to power. In the 1984 general elections, the Progressive Conservatives led by Brian Mulroney won a landslide victory. In 1988, Mulroney was re-elected with a smaller majority. In 1993, Kim Campbell, Canada's first woman prime minister, succeeded Mulroney. Later the same year, Campbell was heavily defeated by a resurgent Liberal Party led by Jean Chrétien.

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Progressive Conservative party

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