Progressive List for Peace (Ha-Reshimah Ha-Mitkademet Le-Shalom, in Hebrew)

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PROGRESSIVE LIST FOR PEACE (ha-Reshimah ha-Mitkademet le-Shalom, in Hebrew)

Israeli political bloc of the center-left, created in 1984 by some Jewish and Arab figures favorable to the creation of a Palestinian state. It advocated the right of self-determination for the two peoples. This party obtained a seat in the Knesset elections of 1988. Its influence waned with the departure of some of its members, principally Jews. In October 1993, while preparing for municipal elections, it formed a common list with HADASH and MAPAM. In the Knesset elections of May 1996, its principal leader, Mohammed Zaydan, was obliged to present his own list, which obtained no seats. The most prominent party members were Mohammed Zaydan, Said Azbarga, Ahmed Abu Freih, and Mohammed Miari.

SEE ALSO Democratic Front for Peace and Equality; Knesset; MAPAM.