1878-1899: Education: Publications

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1878-1899: Education: Publications

Felix Adler, Child Labor and Education (Philadelphia: Burns Weston, 1899)an exposé of the effects of child labor on education;

Adler, Creed and Deed: A Series of Educational Discourses (New York: Putnam, 1877)philosophical treatises on the form of the new ideal of education, Spinoza, Judaism, and Christianity;

Association of Collegiate Alumnae, A Preliminary Statistical Study of Certain Women College Graduates: Dealing with the Health, Marriage, Children, Occupations of Women Graduating Between 1869 and 1898 and Their Sisters and Brothers (Bryn Mawr, Pa.: Bryn Mawr College, 1900)a research study refuting the contention that higher education adversely affected the health of women;

D. P. Baldwin, The Defense of Free High Schools, Indiana School Journal, 24 (July 1879): 294an argument for establishing taxpayer-funded secondary schools;

John Dewey, The School and Society (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1899)Deweys seminal work on the schools and social progress, the life of the child, and the psychology of elementary education;

Eliza Duffey, No Sex in Education; Or, An Equal Chance for Both Girls and Boys (Philadelphia: Stoddart, 1879)contains the views of various thinkers upon the matters treated in Edward Clarkes work Sex in Education (1877);

Charles William Eliot, Educational Reform: Essays and Addresses (Boston: Small, Maynard, 1898)opinions from Harvards president on higher education reform;

Granville Stanley Hall, The Contents of Childrens Minds (New York: Kellogg, 1893)a study of the psychological underpinnings of early learning;

Hall, Hints Toward a Select and Descriptive Bibliography of Education (Boston: Heath, 1886)a compilation of influential writings in the field;

William Torrey Harris, Introduction to the Study of Philosophy (New York: Harper, 1889) an introduction geared toward teachers;

Harris, Psychologic Foundations of Education (Boston: Heath, 1898)an analysis of how psychology and learning are interrelated;

Henry Kiddle and Alexander Schem, eds., The Cyclopedia of Education: A Dictionary of Information for the Use of Teachers, School Officers, Parents, and Others (New York: E. Steiger, 1877)dictionary of education terms;

George H. Martin, The Evolution of the Massachusetts Public School System (New York: D. Appleton, 1894)a history of one of Americas first education systems;

National Herbart Society (later the National Society for the Study of Education), Yearbooks, 1887-1896a collection of articles on Herbartian theories of education;

Frank Parsons, Our Countrys Need (Boston: Arena, 1894)an argument for more widespread secondary education;

John D. Philbrick, City School Systems in the United States (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Bureau of Education, 1885)statistical abstracts of city schools;

Ellen Swallow Richards, The Chemistry of Cooking and Cleaning (Boston: Whicomb & Barrows, 1886)a scientific analysis of home economy;

Richards, Domestic Economy as a Factor in Public Education (New York: New York College, 1889)an argument for the teaching of the science of home economy;

Jacob Riis, How the Other HalfLives (New York: Harper, 1890)a sociological study of the tenements of New York.

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1878-1899: Education: Publications

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1878-1899: Education: Publications