Maori wars

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Maori wars, 1844–72. The treaty of Waitangi in 1840 was not accepted by all chiefs, nor was the confirmation of Maori land rights easy to implement. The Maoris were a warlike people and clashes continued between Maoris and settlers, and between Maori tribes. The first period of warfare began in 1844 at Kororareka and remained small scale, since most Maori tribes held aloof. A small British force took casualties but regained control by 1847. The second conflict developed after repeated incidents in Taranaki, beginning in 1860 and continuing as a guerrilla war, flaring up and dying down, until 1872. One thousand settlers and colonial troops lost their lives, and perhaps twice that number of Maoris. Three million acres of Maori land were confiscated, some restored, but the sale and loss of Maori territory continued.

J. A. Cannon

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Maori Wars (1845–48, 1860–72) Two wars between British settlers and indigenous Maori tribes in New Zealand. They arose when the settlers broke the terms of the Treaty of Waitangi (1840) that guaranteed the Maori possession of their lands. As a result of the wars, a Native Land Court was established (1865), a Maori school system formed (1867), and four elected Maori admitted to the national legislature.