Mutiny of the First New York Regiment

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Mutiny of the First New York Regiment

MUTINY OF THE FIRST NEW YORK REGIMENT. June 1780. Thirty-one men of the First New York Regiment deserted from Fort Schuyler (Stanwix) in early June 1780. Lieutenant Abraham Hardenbergh led a party of Oneidas in pursuit to prevent the deserters from joining the British. The fugitives were caught while in the process of crossing a river, and thirteen were shot. According to Carl Van Doren, "This is perhaps the only time in the history of the American Army when an officer used Indians to kill white soldiers" (Mutiny in January, p. 20).


Van Doren, Carl. Mutiny in January: The Story of a Crisis in the Continental Army Now for the First Time Fully Told from Many Hitherto Unknown or Neglected Sources Both American and British. New York: Viking, 1943.

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