Mawhood, Charles

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Mawhood, Charles

MAWHOOD, CHARLES. (?–1780). British officer. Cornet in the First Dragoons from 13 August 1752 and lieutenant from 8 November 1756, he became captain-lieutenant in the Fifteenth Light Dragoons on 20 March 1759, captain in the Eighteenth Light Dragoons on 6 December 1759, major in the Third Foot (Buffs) on 17 May 1763, and lieutenant of the Nineteenth Foot on 17 June 1767. On 26 October 1775 he became lieutenant colonel of the Seventeenth Foot, a unit that had been sent to America prior to August of that year (Fortescue, vol. 3, p. 173 n.). He led British forces at Princeton on 3 January 1777, Quinton's Bridge on 18 March 1778, and Hancock's Bridge on 21 March 1778. Having been appointed colonel of the Seventy-second Regiment (Manchester Volunteers) on 16 December 1777, he died on 29 August 1780, shortly after joining his regiment at Gibraltar.

SEE ALSO Hancock's Bridge, New Jersey; Princeton, New Jersey; Quinton's Bridge, New Jersey.


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