Livingston Family of New York

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Livingston Family of New York

LIVINGSTON FAMILY OF NEW YORK. The founder of the family in America was the son of a vigorous Scottish minister, John Livingston, who in 1663 took his family to Rotterdam. Here young Robert Livingston became as fluent in Dutch as he was in English, and when he appeared in Albany in 1674, the year the colony of New York passed from Dutch to English control, he quickly became a success in that hybrid society. His marriage in 1679 to Alida Schuyler, widow of Nicholas Van Rensselaer and sister of Peter Schuyler, brought him social connections with two of the most important families in the province. He established the 160,000-acre manor of Livingston on the east side of the Hudson below Albany (in the present counties of Dutchess and Columbia), and left it to his son Philip. His younger son, Robert, received 13,000 acres at an estate called Clermont. These two sons and their descendants built on the fame and fortune of their father to become a dominant force in New York and beyond.

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Livingston Family of New York

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