Exeter, Henry Holand, 2nd duke of

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Exeter, Henry Holand, 2nd duke of (1430–75). As a minor, Holand was the ward of Richard of York and married to his daughter. Thomas Percy, Lord Egremont, enveigled him into the feud against the Nevilles in 1454, when Holand claimed that he, not his father-in-law, should be protector during the king's insanity. From 1459, he fought against the Yorkists on land and sea. Attainted in 1461, he attended Queen Margaret in exile, returning with Warwick to restore Henry VI. After the battle of Barnet, he was kept prisoner by Edward IV, his brother-in-law. His wife obtained a divorce and married her lover Thomas St Leger in 1472. Holand was taken to France in the king's expedition in 1475 and reportedly fell overboard on the return voyage.

R. L. Storey