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Barnet, battle of, 1471. Warwick, Edward IV's great ally at Towton, turned against him in 1470 and drove him out of the kingdom. Returning in March 1471, Edward landed near Hull and moved south. Warwick, in possession of London, marched out to confront him. They met at Barnet, 14 miles north, on 14 April. Warwick had some 15,000 troops, Edward rather fewer. The action began early in the morning with mist still thick on the ground. Warwick's men won initial success, but confusion and mistaken identity led to cries of treason and a fatal collapse of morale. Warwick himself, fighting on foot, was cut down trying to reach his horse. Three weeks later, Edward secured his position beyond doubt with his crushing victory over Queen Margaret at Tewkesbury.

J. A. Cannon

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Barnet (bär´nət), outer borough (1991 pop. 283,000) of Greater London, SE England. Although mainly residential, manufactures there include automobile and aircraft parts, electrical components, and beverages. At the battle of Barnet (1471) during the Wars of the Roses, Edward IV of the House of York defeated the Lancastrian Richard Neville, earl of Warwick. Neville died in the fighting.

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