Andrusovo, Truce of (1667)

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ANDRUSOVO, TRUCE OF (1667). The treaty between Russia and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, ending the Thirteen Years' War and, with it, decades of strife over Ukraine was signed at Andrusovo early in 1667. The tsar's representative at the peace negotiations in 1664, Afanasy Lavrentyevich Ordyn-Nashchokin, hoped they would lead to a permanent peace and perhaps even an alliance with the Commonwealth against the Ottomans. Neither of these goals was achieved. But the protocol signed on 30 January 1667 established an armistice for thirteen years, to June 1680, on terms more favorable to Muscovy than to the Commonwealth. Muscovy was required to restore Lithuania, Livonia, and Belarus to the Commonwealth and to recognize Right Bank Ukraine from the Dnieper to the San River as a Commonwealth possession, but the Poles were in turn obliged to cede their claims to Smolensk and Chernigov (lands they had wrested from Muscovy during the Time of Troubles), to surrender part of the Vitebsk Palatinate, and to acknowledge Left Bank Ukraine as a permanent Muscovite protectorate. Moscow was permitted to lease Kiev for two years. Subsequent requests to evacuate Kiev were rebuffed, on the grounds of the Polish crown's inability to protect Right Bank Ukraine from the Turks; the Poles finally relinquished their claim to Kiev in the "eternal peace" signed in 1686.

The Commonwealth and Muscovy remained at peace with each other after 1667, but more from fear of the Turks than from satisfaction with the mutual spheres of influence the armistice had established. The Turks continued to intervene in Ukraine in the 1670s. The permanent division of Ukraine into Left Bank and Right Bank hetmanates was deeply disappointing to the Cossack populations of both banks and led to further war between their hetmans.

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