Lookout Mountain, Battle on

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LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, BATTLE ON (24 November 1863), also known as the "battle of the clouds," an action in which Union Gen. Joseph Hooker, commanding the right wing of Gen. Ulysses S. Grant's army of about 56,000 men, cleared Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, of the disheartened Confederate troops who had held it since the Battle of Chickamauga two months earlier. The withdrawal of Gen. James Longstreet's corps from Lookout Mountain had left the Confederate left wing dangerously weak. Hooker's troops, scrambling up the mountain, drove off the remaining Confederates, swept on across Chattanooga Creek, and the next day fought at Missionary Ridge to the east. The battle marked the beginning of Union triumph in the Chattanooga campaign.


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Lookout Mountain, Battle on

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