Looking for Mr. Goodbar

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Looking for Mr. Goodbar ★★ 1977 (R)

Young teacher Keaton seeks companionship and love by frequenting single's bars and furthers her selfdestruction by her aimless intake of drugs and alcohol. In need of a father figure, she makes herself available to numerous men and eventually regrets her hedonistic behavior. Unpleasant, aimless characters do little for this dreary film, whose sexual theme sparked a bit of public conversation when first released. Based on the bestselling novel by Judith Rossner. Oscar nominations for supporting actress Weld, and cinematography. 136m/C VHS . Diane Keaton, Tuesday Weld, Richard Gere, Tom Berenger, William Atherton, Richard Kiley; D: Richard Brooks; W: Richard Brooks; C: William A. Fraker.

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Looking for Mr. Goodbar

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