American Expeditionary Forces in Italy

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AMERICAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCES IN ITALY. As proof of U.S. cooperation in World War I, the Italian minister of war urged that American units be sent to Italy. The United States complied by dispatching the 332d Infantry Regiment, the 331st Field Hospital, and the 102d Base Hospital. With headquarters at Treviso, the 332d Infantry made numerous marches to the front line, where Austrian and Italian soldiers could observe them. The regiment participated in the attack to force a crossing of the Piave River (26 October 1918) and in the Battle of the Tagliamento River (4 November 1918). American troops sailed from Italy in March 1919, following the German Armistice of 11 November 1918.


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American Expeditionary Forces in Italy

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American Expeditionary Forces in Italy