Mount Ararat

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mountain in eastern turkey that figures prominently in the bible.

Mount Ararat (in Turkish Ağri Daği) is in the province of Agri, eastern Turkey, near the border of Iran. First climbed in modern times in 1829, the mountain consists of two peaksGreat Ararat at 16,946 feet (5,165 m), and Little Ararat at 12,877 feet (3,927 m). According to the Book of Genesis in the Bible, Mount Ararat was the landing spot of Noah's Ark.

David Waldner

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Ararat, Mount (Ağri DağI) Two extinct volcanic peaks in the e extremity of Turkey. The highest peaks in Turkey, they are just n of where Noah's Ark is said to have come to rest (Genesis 8). Boundary treaties with the Soviet Union (1921) and Iran (1932) located the mountains completely in Turkey. There are two peaks: Great Ararat, 5165m (16,945ft, last eruption in 1840), and Little Ararat, 3925m (12,877ft).

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Mount Ararat a pair of volcanic peaks in eastern Turkey, near the borders with Armenia and Iran. The higher peak, which rises to 5,165 m (16,946 ft), is the traditional site of the resting place of Noah's ark after the Flood (Genesis 8:4).

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