Gallic Wars

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Gallic Wars ((58–51 bc)) Campaigns in which the Romans, led by Caesar, conquered Gaul. By 57 bc, Caesar had subdued sw and n Gaul. In 56 bc, he conquered the Veneti, leaders of an anti-Roman confederation and, in 55–54 bc, he invaded Germany and Britain. He defeated a united Gallic revolt in 52 bc.

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Gallic Wars Julius Caesar's campaigns 58–51 bc, which established Roman control over Gaul north of the Alps and west of the River Rhine (Transalpine Gaul). During this period Caesar twice invaded Britain (55 and 54 bc). Largely disunited, the Gauls combined in 53–52 bc under the chieftain Vercingetorix (d. c.46 bc) but were eventually defeated.