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GALLICO (or Gallichi ), Italian family of French origin. The family first lived in Rome where it was known from the 14th century. In 1323, a "Gallichi" (which may however imply "French") synagogue is mentioned there. Later the Gallico family spread to other Italian towns. malachi (Angelo) gallico was physician and rabbi in Cori, a village of Rome, in 1565 when the community decided to accept the invitation of Joseph *Nasi and move en masse to Tiberias. samuel gallico, rabbi and kabbalist, published a summary of Moses *Cordovero's Pardes Rimmonim, under the title of Asis Rimmonim (Venice, 1601). In the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries several other rabbis and scholars belonging to this family are mentioned in Mantua, Modena, and Siena. Another member of the family was the Hebrew scholar and poet Abraham b. Hananiah dei Gallichi *Jagel.


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[Attilio Milano]