Galliculus, Johannes

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Galliculus, Johannes

Galliculus, Johannes, German music theorist and composer who was known as Johannes Alectorius and Johannes Hähnel; b. probably in Dresden, 1490; d. probably in Leipzig, 1550. He received training from Isaac, and settled in Leipzig as a teacher and composer. He publ. a treatise on counterpoint, Isagoge de compositione cantus (Leipzig, 1520; Eng. tr. by A. Moorefield, 1992), and composed sacred music, including a St Mark Passion, 3 Magnificats, and 9 motets. Several of his works were publ. by his friend, Georg Rhau. A. Moore-field ed. his complete works (Brooklyn, 1975 et seq.).


A. Moorefield, An Introduction to J. G. (Brooklyn, 1969).

—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire