Vint, Jesse

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VINT, Jesse

(Jess Vint; Jesse Lee Vint; Jesse Vint, III)


Full name, Jesse Lee Vint III; born in Tulsa, OK; brother of Alan Vint (an actor) and Bill Vint (an actor); children: Jesse Lee Vint IV. Education: Studied business at University of Oklahoma. Avocational Interests: Playing chess.

Career: Actor, director, writer, and editor.


Film Appearances:

Young doctor, WUSA, Paramount, 1970.

(As Jess Vint) Lieutenant, Little Big Man, National General Pictures, 1970.

Andy Wolf, Silent Running, MCA/Universal, 1972.

Sheriff Dan Cole, Daddy's Deadly Darling (also known as Horror Farm, The Killer, The Killers, Lynn Hart, The Pigs, The Strange Exorcism of Lynn Hart, and The Strange Love Exorcist ), Sinister Cinema, 1972.

Hot rod driver, Welcome to Arrow Beach (also known as Tender Flesh ), Warner Bros., 1974.

Farmer in the valley, Chinatown, Paramount, 1974.

Wayne Dixon, Macon County Line, American International Pictures, 1974.

Buck, Earthquake, Universal, 1974.

Tom Tacker, Bug, Paramount, 1975.

Slick Callahan, Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw, American International Pictures, 1976.

Jingo Johnson, Black Oak Conspiracy, New World Pictures, 1977.

Polna, Deathsport, New World Pictures, 1978.

Calvin Hawk, Fast Charlie ... the Moonbeam Rider (also known as Fast Charlie and the Moonbeam ), MCA/Universal, 1979.

(As Jesse Vint III) Hometown USA, Film Ventures International, 1979.

Mike Colby, Forbidden World (also known as Mutant ), New World Pictures, 1982.

Chief Owens, Rio abajo (also known as On the Line ), Miramax, 1984.

Reel Horror, Shapiro Entertainment, 1985.

Frank Kane, Merchants of War, Triax Entertainment Group, 1988.

Kenneth Rosika, Another Chance, Moviestore Entertainment, 1989.

McMurphy, I Come in Peace (also known as Dark Angel ), Triumph Films, 1990.

Larry, The Temp, Paramount, 1993.

Deep Cover (also known as Checkmate ), 1996.

(As Jesse Lee Vint) Carl, Dreamers, Pathfinder Pictures, 1999.

Les, Monkey Love, 2002.

Detective Lindsay Perkins, The Killer Within Me, ConcordeNew Horizons, 2003.

Film Work:

Producer, Black Oak Conspiracy, New World Pictures, 1977.

Producer, Hometown USA, Film Ventures International, 1979.

Director, Another Chance, Republic Pictures, 1989.

Producer, director, editor, and casting director, The Killer Within Me, ConcordeNew Horizons, 2003.

Television Appearances; Series:

Al Roberts, One Life to Live, ABC, 19861987.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Amos Calendar, Centennial, NBC, 1978.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Harmon, The Death Squad, ABC, 1974.

Scanner, The Disappearance of Flight 412, NBC, 1974.

Cop on freeway, Reflections of Murder, ABC, 1974.

Loftus, The Godchild, ABC, 1974.

Most Deadly Passage, 1979.

Bob Dalton, Belle Starr, CBS, 1980.

Bernie Dempsey, Dempsey, CBS, 1983.

George Randall, XXX's & OOO's, CBS, 1994.

Detective Rhodes, Deep Red, SciFi Channel, 1994.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Buck, "Appalachian Autumn," CBS Playhouse, CBS, 1969.

"A Continual Roar of Musketry: Parts 1 & 2," The Bold Ones: The Senator, NBC, 1970.

Toby Harris, "Terror at 2:00," Bonanza, NBC, 1971.

Johnny Nesbitt, "The Natural," The F.B.I., ABC, 1971.

Joe Boysen, "Shadow of a Name," Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law, ABC, 1971.

Charlie Springer, "Where Did Everybody Go?," Nichols, NBC, 1971.

George Shawn, "The Recruiter," The F.B.I., 1971.

Angel Melhone, "Bitter Legion," Cannon, CBS, 1972.

Zinc, "Speed," Mission: Impossible, CBS, 1973.

"The Exchange," The F.B.I., ABC, 1973.

Al Sparling, "Flashpoint," Cannon, CBS, 1974.

Pete "Wolf" Gray, "An Ugly Way to Die," The Rookies, ABC, 1974.

Dallas, "The Killing Ground," S.W.A.T., ABC, 1975.

"Medic I: SeattleMost Deadly Passage," Emergency!, NBC, 1979.

Tibby, "Jake," The Incredible Hulk, CBS, 1979.

Daws, "Vagabonds," CHiPs, NBC, 1981.

Tulsa Jack, "The Not So Magnificent Six," Bret Maverick, NBC, 1982.

Turk, "Harts at High Noon," Hart to Hart, ABC, 1982.

Ben Edwards, "Deadly Ambition," T. J. Hooker, 1982.

Matt Colby, "Land of the Free," The Yellow Rose, NBC, 1984.

Willard, "Murder Offshore," Cover Up, CBS, 1985.

Hank Kagan, "Buy Out," Knight Rider, NBC, 1985.

Ben Cassidy, "A False Start," Trapper John, M.D., CBS, 1985.

Insane Wayne, "Waiting for Insane Wayne," The ATeam, NBC, 1986.

"Mr. Awesome," Matlock, NBC, 1992.

Cody Pierce, "'Til Death Do Us Part: Part 2," The Young Riders, ABC, 1992.



Black Oak Conspiracy, New World Pictures, 1977.

Hometown USA, Film Ventures International, 1979.

Another Chance, Republic Pictures, 1989.

The Killer within Me, ConcordeNew Horizons, 2003.