Turton, Kett 1982–

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Turton, Kett 1982–


Born April 4, 1982, in Portland, OR.

Addresses: Agent—The Gersh Agency, 232 N. Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Manager—Untitled Entertainment, 331 N. Maple Dr., Third Floor, New York, NY 10016.

Career: Actor.

Awards, Honors: Copper Wing Award, best ensemble (with others), Phoenix Film Festival, 2001, for Rollercoaster; Grand Jury Award, outstanding actor in a feature film, L.A. Outfest, 2001, for Gypsy 83.


Film Appearances:

Darrin, Rollercoaster, Universal, 1999.

Greg, Ricky Six (also known as Say You Love Satan), 2000.

Clive, Gypsy 83, Small Planet, 2001.

Gavin, The Water Game, Freeform, 2002.

Daniel Lyne, Heart of America, Kinowelt, 2003.

Joe, Coming Down the Mountain, Cyan, 2003.

Tom, Falling Angels (also known as La Revolte des anges), Film Movement, 2003.

Mitch, Saved!, United Artists, 2004.

Kenner, Walking Tall, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 2004.

Young Hank, My Old Man, 2004.

Jackson, Show Me, Miramax, 2004.

Dingo, Blade: Trinity, New Line Cinema, 2004.

Buck, A Simple Curve, Domino, 2005.

Firewall, Warner Bros., 2006.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Sean, Beauty, CBS, 1998.

Mark (one source cites role as Skid), H-E Double Hockey Sticks, 1999.

John Tierney, Our Guys: Outrage in Glen Ridge, ABC, 1999.

Craig Crosetto, Secret Cutting, 2000.

Ellis Moseley, Deadlocked (also known as Deadlocked—Die funfte gewalt), TNT, 2000.

Zack Pavalek, Ladies Night, USA Network, 2005.

Television Appearances; Series:

Vaughn Parrish, Dead Last, The WB, 2001.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Toby, Strange Frequency, VH1, 2001.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Ghost storyteller and devil worshiper, Millennium, Fox, 1997.

Brit, The X-Files, Fox, 1997.

Kiss Shirt, "Chem Lab," The Net, 1998.

Jeff, "Gabriel," Da Vinci's Inquest, 1998.

"Little boy" Dawkins, "The Photographer," Dead Man's Gun, 1998.

So Weird, 1999.

"Normal, Illinois," First Wave, 1999.

David, "Attention Deficit," Higher Ground, 2000.

Young Daniel, "Life After Death," Cold Squad, CTV, 2000.

David, "Mended Fences," Higher Ground, Fox, 2000.

David, "Because I Love You," Higher Ground, Fox, 2000.

Reggie, "Nothing to Fear," Mentors, 2001.

Kevin, "All Skate," SK8, NBC, 2001.

Manny, "Honey, I'm Going to Teach You a Lesson," Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show, syndicated, 2001.

Toby, "More Than a Feeling," Strange Frequency, VH1, 2001.

Jeff Palmer, "Shimmer," Smallville, The WB, 2002.

Jonathan, "Love in Vein," Dark Angel, Fox, 2002.

Goth Guy, "Unreasonable Doubt," The Dead Zone, USA Network, 2002.

Rich Guggenheim, "Sunday Mornings," Dead Like Me, Showtime, 2003.

Tim, "Day 3: 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.," 24, Fox, 2003.

Tim, "Day 3: 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.," 24, Fox, 2003.

Eddie, "Fast and Loose," Godiva's, Bravo, 2005.

Max Jaffe, "Phantom Traveller," Supernatural, The WB, 2005.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Paul/Antibus, Kingdom Hospital (also known as Stephen King's "Kingdom Hospital"), ABC, 2004.

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