Turtledove, Harry (Norman)

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TURTLEDOVE, Harry (Norman)

TURTLEDOVE, Harry (Norman). Also writes as Eric Iverson. American, b. 1949. Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Science fiction/Fantasy. Career: Science fiction novelist and short story writer. Publications: NOVELS: A Different Flesh, 1988; Noninterference, 1988; A World of Difference, 1990; The Guns of the South: A Novel of the Civil War, 1992; The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump, 1994; Prince of the North, 1994; (with R. Dreyfuss) The Two Georges, 1996. FANTASY NOVELS "VIDESSOS CYCLE": The Misplaced Legion, 1987; An Emperor for the Legion, 1987; The Legion of Videssos, 1987; Swords of the Legion, 1987; Krispos Rising, 1991; Krispos of Videssos, 1991; Krispos the Emperor, 1994; The Stolen Throne, 1995. SCIENCE-FICTION NOVELS "WORLDWAR" SERIES: Worldwar: In the Balance, 1994; Worldwar: Tilting the Balance, 1995; World- war: Upsetting the Balance, 1996. SHORT STORIES: Agent of Byzantium, 1987 rev. ed., 1994; Kaleidoscope, 1990; Earthgrip, 1991; Departures, 1993. NOVELS AS ERIC IVERSON: Wereblood, 1979; Werenight, 1979. Contributor of short stories to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and Analog. OTHER: (trans.) The Chronicle of Theophanes: An English Translation of Anni Mundi 60959305 (A.D. 602-813), 1982. Address: c/o Scott Meredith Literary Agency, 1675 Broadway, New York, NY 10019- 5820, U.S.A.