Sorvino, Paul 1939-

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Sorvino, Paul 1939-


Born April 13, 1939, in Brooklyn, NY (some sources say Bensonhurst, NY); son of Ford (a robe factory foreman) and Marietta (a homemaker and piano teacher) Sorvino; married Lorraine Davis (divorced, 1988); married Vanessa Arico (a real estate associate), March 21, 1991 (divorced, 1996); children: (first marriage) Mira (an actress), Michael (an actor), Amanda (an actress and screenwriter). Education: Trained for the stage at Academy of Musical and Dramatic Arts; studied voice with Ugo de Caro. Avocational Interests: Painting, sculpting, poetry, opera singing, cooking, and playing tennis.


Agent—Innovative Artists, 1505 Tenth St., Santa Monica, CA 90401.


Actor, director, producer, writer, creative consultant, and opera singer. Sang at charity balls and at Catskills resorts as "The Romantic Voice of Val Sorvino," c. late 1950s-early 1960s; American Stage Company, Teaneck, NJ, artistic director, 1986-90; appeared in television commercial for Nortel communications company; previously worked as an advertising executive and dance instructor. Sorvino Asthma Foundation, founder, 1993; Dogfellas Dog Adoption, New York, NY, and PA, cofounder, 2002.

Awards, Honors:

Drama Desk Award, outstanding performance, Antoinette Perry award nomination, best actor in a drama, 1973, New York Drama Critics Award, best actor, all for That Championship Season; crowned "King of Brooklyn," 1993; Award of Excellence, Bearfest—Big Bear Lake International Film Festival, 2001; Lifetime Achievement Award, Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival, 2001; Outstanding Achievement Award, Los Angeles Italian Film Awards, 2003; Premio per gli Italiani nel Mondo, Marzio Tremaglia Foundation, 2004.


Stage Appearances:

(Broadway debut) Patrolman, Bajour, Shubert Theatre, 1964.

Officer Lynch, Mating Dance, Eugene O'Neill Theatre, New York City, 1965.

Francesco, Skyscraper, Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, New York City, 1965.

Phil Romano, That Championship Season, New York Shakespeare Festival, Newman Theatre, then Booth Theatre, both New York City, 1972.

Gloucester, King Lear, New York Shakespeare Festival, Delacorte Theatre, New York City, 1973.

Nathaniel Schwab, An American Millionaire, Circle in the Square, New York City, 1974.

Lionel Lane, For My Last Number, Westport Country Playhouse, Westport, CT, 1975.

Beep-ity-Beep, Marlon Brando Sat Right Here, Boltax Theatre, New York City, 1980.

Night of 100 Stars III, Radio City Music Hall, New York City, 1990.

Abby's Song, City Center Theatre, New York City, 1999.

Tony, The Most Happy Fella, New York State Theatre, New York City, 2006.

Also appeared in All the King's Men, American Stage Company, Teaneck, NJ; as Topol, The Baker's Wife; Alfred, Die Fledermaus (opera), Seattle Opera Company.

Major Tours:

We'll Get By, U.S. cities, 1975.

Philemon, U.S. cities, 1976.

Aimable, The Baker's Wife, U.S. cities, 1976.

Stage Director:

The Wheelbarrow Closers, Bijou Theatre, New York City, 1976.

Marlon Brando Sat Right Here, Boltax Theatre, New York City, 1980.

The Rainmaker, American Stage Company, 1986-87.

Also directed All the King's Men, American Stage Company.

Film Appearances:

(Film debut) Owner of Gus and Grace's Rest Home, Where's Poppa? (also known as Going Ape!), United Artists, 1970.

Coughing Cop, Cry Uncle! (also known as American Oddballs and Super Dick), 1971.

Samuels, Panic in Needle Park, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1971.

Gig's father, Made for Each Other, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1971.

Fury on Wheels, 1971.

Taxi driver, Dealing: Or the Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues, 1972.

Curtis Mahoney, The Day of the Dolphin, Avco-Embassy, 1973.

Walter Menkes, A Touch of Class, Avco-Embassy, 1973.

Ring, Shoot It Black, Shoot It Blue, Thorn/EMI, 1974.

Hips, The Gambler, Paramount, 1974.

Big Joe, Angel and Big Joe, 1975.

Lou Springer, I Will, I Willfor Now, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1976.

Reverend Willie Williams, Oh God!, Warner Bros., 1977.

Lou Friedlander, Slow Dancing in the Big City, United Artists, 1978.

Jazz Maffie, The Brinks Job (also known as Big Stickup at Brinks), Universal, 1978.

Louis Chubby De Coco, Bloodbrothers (also known as A Father's Love), Warner Bros., 1979.

Reilly, Lost and Found, Columbia, 1979.

Captain Edelson, Cruising (also known as William Friedkin's "Cruising"), United Artists, 1980.

Louis Fraina, Reds, Paramount, 1981.

Phil Romano, That Championship Season, Cannon, 1982.

Detective Pat Chambers, I, the Jury, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1982.

Walter Greer, Melanie, 1982.

Warden Nicholas F. Castle, Off the Wall, 1983.

Himself, Turk 182!, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1984.

Delta Force, Cannon, 1985.

Colonel Malcolm Grommett Spears, The Stuff, New World Pictures, 1985.

Tony Pazzo, A Fine Mess (also known as Blake Edwards' "A Fine Mess"), Columbia, 1986.

Gino, Vasectomy: A Delicate Matter (also known as Vasectomy), Vandom International Pictures, 1986.

Kiril, Very Close Quarters, 1986.

Lips Manlis, Dick Tracy, Buena Vista, 1990.

Paul Cicero, Goodfellas (also known as GoodFellas), Warner Bros., 1990.

DMZ, 1990.

Eddie Valentine, The Rocketeer, Buena Vista, 1991.

Max, Seymour's father, Age Isn't Everything (also known as Life in the Food Chain), LIVE Home Video, 1991.

(Uncredited) Tommie Moroloto, The Firm, Paramount, 1993.

Captain Phil Giarusso, Backstreet Justice (also known as Dead Wrong), Prism Entertainment, 1994.

Henry Kissinger, Nixon, Buena Vista, 1995.

Selected Models, 1995.

J. J. Davis, Cover Me, Motion Picture Corporation of America, 1995.

Fulgencio Capulet, Romeo+Juliet (also known as William Shakespeare's "Romeo+Juliet" and Romeo and Juliet), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1996.

Piero Malacici, Love Is All There Is, Samuel Goldwyn, 1996.

Lieutenant Gil Farrand, Escape Clause, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1996.

Delgori, Dog Watch, Dog Watch Productions, 1996.

CIA Deputy Director Kenny Rackmill, Most Wanted, New Line Cinema, 1997.

Horace Burke, Men with Guns, Norstar Entertainment, 1997.

Sheriff Frank Noonan, American Perfekt, Nu Image, 1997.

Guy Cipiriani, Money Talks, New Line Cinema, 1997.

Graham Crockett, Bulworth, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1998.

Johanson, Knock Off, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 1998.

Fabiano Grazzi, Harlem Aria (also known as Destiney—Einmal ganz oben stehen), 1999.

Paulie, Scriptfellas, 1999.

Harvey, Dead Broke, 1999.

(Scenes deleted) Sydney Potter, The Family Man, Universal, 2000.

Laszlo Pryce (antagonist), Longshot (also known as Jack of All Trades), 2000.

Ciao America, 2000.

Joe, The Amati Girls, 2000.

Lorenzo, Perfume (also known as Dress to Kill), 2001.

Sonny Talia, See Spot Run, Warner Bros., 2001.

Joe Maloni, Plan B, Franchise Pictures, 2001.

Charlie, Last Call, 2001.

Rhode Island Blues, 2001.

Gallo, Streghe verso nord (also known as Witches to the North), 2001.

Jack Licavoli, To Kill the Irishman, 2001.

Himself, Playboy Exposed: Playboy Mansion Parties Uncensored, 2001.

Antonio Primavera, Ciao America, Bentornato Lorenzo Primavera Ltd., 2002.

Voice of Scheck, Hey Arnold! The Movie (animated), Paramount, 2002.

Buddy Stafford, The Cooler, Lions Gate Films, 2003.

Gino Barbenrini, Mambo italiano, Samuel Goldwyn Films, 2003.

Gus Panas, Mr. 3000, Buena Vista, 2004.

Charlie, Goodnight Joseph Parker, Image Entertainment, 2004.

Himself, "Law & Order": The First Three Years (documentary short), Universal Studios Home Video, 2004.

Himself, The Workaday Gangster (documentary short), Warner Home Video, 2004.

Himself, Getting Made: The Making of "GoodFellas" (documentary short; also known as Getting Made), Warner Home Video, 2004.

The Wild Stallion, Myriad Pictures, 2006.

Wally, Mr. Fix It, First Look International, 2006.

Himself, Witness to "Reds," Paramount Home Entertainment, 2006.

Catch Turner, Greetings from the Shore, 2007.

Ledudal, Carnera: The Walking Mountain, Epic Pictures Group, 2007.

Maitre Steinfeld, Last Hour, 2008.

Ivan, The Trouble with Cali, 2008.

Rotti Largo, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Lionsgate, 2008.

Himself, Beyond Wiseguys: Italian Americans & the Movies (documentary), 2008.

Also appeared in The Music Box, Columbia.

Film Work:

Creative consultant, Love Is All There Is, Samuel Goldwyn, 1996.

Director, The Trouble with Cali, 2008.

Television Appearances; Series:

George Platt, We'll Get By, CBS, 1975.

Sergeant Bert D'Angelo (title role), Bert D'Angelo: Superstar, ABC, 1976.

Detective Sergeant Ike Porter, The Oldest Rookie, CBS, 1987-88.

Detective Sergeant Phil Cerreta, Law & Order, NBC, 1991-92.

Narrator, The Big House, History Channel, 1998.

Mr. Frank DeLucca, That's Life, ABC, 2000-2002, 2005.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Dave Shaw, Seventh Avenue, NBC, 1977.

Sheriff Skeeter Willis, Chiefs (also known as Once Upon a Murder), CBS, 1983.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Joe, Tell Me Where It Hurts, CBS, 1974.

Harry Walters, It Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy, ABC, 1974.

Queen of the Stardust Ballroom, 1975.

Lowell Myers, Dummy, CBS, 1979.

The Bureau, 1981.

Carlo Danzie, A Question of Honor, CBS, 1982.

Doyle Reinecker, With Intent to Kill (also known as Urge to Kill), CBS, 1984.

Max, My Mother's Secret Life, ABC, 1984.

Harvey, Surviving (also known as Surviving: A Family in Crisis and Tragedy), ABC, 1985.

Reverend Penny, Chiller (also known as Wes Craven's "Chiller"), CBS, 1985.

Mike Vogel, Betrayed by Innocence (also known as Jailbait and Jailbait: Betrayed by Innocence), CBS, 1986.

Lieutenant Willman, Don't Touch My Daughter (also known as Nightmare), NBC, 1991.

Anthony Caruso, Perry Mason: The Case of the Wicked Wives (also known as A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Wicked Wives), NBC, 1993.

Ed Starling, Parallel Lives, Showtime, 1994.

Dr. Winslow, Without Consent (also known as Tell Laura I Love Her and Trapped and Deceived), ABC, 1994.

Title role, Joe Torre: Curveballs along the Way, Showtime, 1997.

Blackburn, Houdini, TNT, 1998.

Coach, That Championship Season, Showtime, 1998.

Constantine Kiamos, Cheaters, HBO, 2000.

Frank Rizzo, The Thin Blue Lie, Showtime, 2000.

Joe, The Amati Girls, Fox, 2000.

Nicola, Mafia Doctor, CBS, 2003.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Night of 100 Stars III, NBC, 1990.

Judge, The 1991 Miss America Pageant, NBC, 1991.

The tenor, The Last Mile, PBS, 1992.

Presenter, The 48th Annual Tony Awards, CBS, 1994.

The Magic of Christmas, 1995.

Paul Sorvino: An Evening of Song, PBS, 1996.

Host, The Art of the Cigar, 1996.

The 68th Annual Academy Awards, ABC, 1996.

A Salute to Martin Scorsese (also known as The 25th American Film Institute Life Achievement Award: A Salute to Martin Scorsese), CBS, 1997.

Narrator, The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, 1997.

The 1997 ESPY Awards, ABC, 1997.

The Italian Americans II: A Beautiful Song, PBS, 1998.

Christmas in Hollywood, syndicated, 1998.

The Great American History Quiz: Americana, History Channel, 2000.

The Greatest American History Quiz: 50 States, History Channel, 2001.

Christmas with the Stars, 2001.

Playboy: Inside the Playboy Mansion, Arts and Entertainment, 2002.

Narrator, Bullets Over Hollywood, Starz, 2005.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

George Platt, We'll Get By, CBS, 1974.

Today's FBI, ABC, 1981.

Detective Jack Welder, Almost Partners, CBS, 1987.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Glouster, "King Lear," Theatre in America, PBS, 1974.

Sergeant Burt Deangelo, "Superstar," The Streets of San Francisco, ABC, 1976.

"A Friend in Deed," Insight, 1979.

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, NBC, 1982.

David Addison, Sr., "The Son Also Rises," Moonlighting, ABC, 1986.

"William Holmes McGuffy," An American Portrait, CBS, 1986.

Al Sidell, "Three Strikes, You're Out," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1989.

Phil Cerreta, "Point of View," Law & Order, NBC, 1992.

Narrator, "Water Blasters," National Geographic Explorer, 1993.

Late Night with Conan O'Brien, NBC, 1994.

Dr. Nikolai Rozhenko, "Homeward," Star Trek: The Next Generation (also known as Star Trek: TNG), syndicated, 1994.

"Parenthood," Dennis Miller Live, 1996.

Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, ABC, 1997.

Voice, "How to Suck in Business without Really Trying," Duckman: Private Duck/Family Man (animated), USA Network, 1997.

The List, VH1, 1999.

The Howard Stern Radio Show, syndicated, 2000.

Celebrity Dish (also known as TV Guide's "Celebrity Dish"), 2000.

The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, CBS, 2001.

Tussen de sterren, 2003.

President Eugene Lorio, "The Kindness of Strangers," Jack & Bobby, The WB, 2004.

Al Miller, "Still Bill's Dad," Still Standing, CBS, 2004.

Al Miller, "Still Not the One," Still Standing, CBS, 2005.

Al Miller, "Still Bill Vol. 1," Still Standing, CBS, 2005.

"Every Dog Had His Day," The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, NBC, 2005.

The Tony Danza Show, syndicated, 2006.

Al Miller, "Still Deceitful," Still Standing, CBS, 2006.

Television Director; Movies:

That Championship Season, Showtime, 1999.

Television Director; Episodic:

"Nomads," That's Life, ABC, 2001.

"Baum's Thesis," That's Life, ABC, 2005.



Paul Sorvino: An Evening of Song, PBS, 1996.

Also recorded Paul Sorvino Sings; recorded an album of Italian love songs, c. 1992.

Taped Readings:

Thinner, Vol. 2, by Stephen King, DH Audio, 1985.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain, DH Audio, 1992.

Video Games:

J. J. Davis, Blue Heat: The Case of the Cover Girl Murders, 1997.


Stage Plays:

Wrote Marlon Brando Sat Right Here, off-Broadway production.


Wrote How to Become a Former Asthmatic, William Morrow.



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