Gambler, The

views updated May 23 2018

Gambler, The (Igrok). Opera in 4 acts, Op.24, by Prokofiev to his own lib. based on Dostoyevsky's short story (1866). Comp. 1915–17, 2nd version 1927–8. Prod. Brussels 1929, NY 1957, Edinburgh 1962, London (ENO) 1983. Orch. suite, 4 Portraits and the Dénouement, Op.49, f.p. Paris 1932.

Gamblers, The

views updated Jun 27 2018

Gamblers, The. Unfinished opera by Shostakovich, planned as Op.63, to his own lib. based on comedy The Gamblers by Nikolai Gogol (1832) for six male solo vv. and large orch. Begun 1941, abandoned 1942 when not quite 8 of 25 scenes were completed. F.p. (concert) Leningrad 1978, cond. Rozhdestvensky. Completed by Krzysztof Meyer, 1981. Scherzo of va. sonata (1975) uses mus. from The Gamblers.