The Gallant Hours

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The Gallant Hours ★★★ 1960

Biography of Admiral “Bull” Halsey (Cagney) covers five weeks, October 18 through December 1, 1942, in the WWII battle of Guadalcanal in the South Pacific. Director Montgomery forgoes battle scenes to focus on the human elements in a war and what makes a great leader. Fine performance by Cagney. 115m/B VHS . James Cagney, Dennis Weaver, Ward (Edward) Costello, Richard Jaeckel, Les Tremayne, Robert Burton, Raymond Bailey, Karl Swenson, Harry Landers, James T. Goto, Walter Sande, Vaughn Taylor, Leon Lontoc, Carleton Young, James Yagi, Carl Benton Reid, Selmer Jackson, Nelson Leigh, John McKee, Tyler McVey, William Schallert, John Zaremba, Richard Carlyle, Herbert Lylton, Sydney Smith, Art Gilmore; D: Robert Montgomery; W: Frank D. Gilroy, Beirne Lay Jr.; C: Joe MacDonald; M: Roger Wagner.