McCormack, Patty 1945- (Patricia McCormack, Patty McCormick)

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McCormack, Patty 1945- (Patricia McCormack, Patty McCormick)


Original name, Patricia Ellen Russo; born August 21, 1945, in New York, NY (some sources say Brooklyn, NY); daughter of Frank (a firefighter) and Elizabeth (a professional roller skater; maiden name, McCormack) Russo; married Bob Catania (a restaurateur), 1967 (divorced, 1973); children: Robert, Danielle. Education: Attended Wallard Mace Professional Children's School; studied speech with Eleanor Raab.


Agent—Defining Artists, 100 Universal City Plaza, Suite 2000, Universal City, CA 91608. Manager— Rothman, Patino, Andres Entertainment, 4741 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Suite 106, Studio City, CA 91604.


Actress. Worked as child model, as a singer with the rock band Mikey Vee and the Imperials, and as a talent agent.


Actors' Equity Association, Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

Awards, Honors:

Academy Award nomination, best supporting actress, Golden Globe Award nomination, best supporting actress, 1957, both for The Bad Seed; Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Film Appearances:

Two Gals and a Guy (also known as Baby and Me), United Artists, 1951.

(Uncredited) Orphan, Here Comes the Groom, 1951.

Rhoda Penmark, The Bad Seed, Warner Bros., 1956.

Annabella, All Mine to Give (also known as The Day They Gave Babies Away), Universal, 1957.

Kathy O'Rourke, Kathy O'R, Universal, 1958.

Escuela de verano, 1958.

(English version) Voice of angel, The Snow Queen (also known as Snezhnaya koroleva), Universal, 1959.

Joanna, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (also known as Huckleberry Finn and Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1960.

Janet Somers, The Explosive Generation, United Artists, 1961.

Warden's daughter, Jacktown, Pictorial International, 1962.

Janet, Born Wild (also known as Young Animals), American International Pictures, 1968.

Susan Hoffman, Maryjane, American International Pictures, 1968.

Edie, The Mini-Skirt Mob, American International Pictures, 1968.

Deanie Donford, The Young Runaways, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1968.

Sylvia Ross, Bug, Paramount, 1975.

The Awakening of Cassie, 1982.

Alice Wilson, Private Road: No Trespassing, 1987.

Kate, Saturday the 14th Strikes Back, Concorde, 1988.

Dulcinea, Don Quixote (also known as Don Quijote de Orson Welles), 1992.

Title role, Mommy, Eagle Entertainment, 1995.

Mommy, Mommy II: Mommy's Day, VCI Home Video, 1997.

Betty, The Silencing, 2000.

Janice Piegi, The Medicine Show, Vista Street Entertainment, 2001.

Mrs. Leonard, Choosing Matthias, Deep Step Productions, 2001.

Motel manager, The Silvergleam Whistle (short), 2003.

Olivia Hagen, Inhabited, 2003.

Priscilla Standhope, The Kiss, MTI Home Video, 2003.

Herself, Enfant Terrible: A Conversation with Patty McCormack (short), Warner Home Video, 2004.

Maysie, Target, First Look International, 2004.

Helen Reedy, Shallow Ground, Screen Media Films, 2004.

Helen, Heart of the Beholder, Vanguard Cinema, 2005.

(Credit only) Mother, Seth, Ambush Film Company, 2006.

Dolores, In the Wall (short), 2007.

Ma, Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre (short), Shorts International, 2007.

Pat Nixon, Frost/Nixon, Universal, 2008.

Film Work:

Co-executive producer, Mommy's Day (also known as Mommy 2: Mommy's Day), 1997.

Television Appearances; Series:

Ingeborg, Mama (also known as I Remember Mama), CBS, 1954-57.

Torey Peck, Peck's Bad Girl, CBS, 1959.

Lisha Steele, Young Dr. Malone, NBC, 1962.

Linda Warren, The Best of Everything, ABC, 1970.

Kim Sullivan Reynolds Stewart Andropoulos Hughes, As the World Turns, CBS, 1975-76.

Anne Brookes, The Ropers (also known as Three's Company's Friends, the Ropers), ABC, 1979-80.

Liz La Cerva, The Sopranos, HBO, 2000-2006.

Irene, Skin, Fox, 2003-2004.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Liz Coburn, On Wings of Eagles, NBC, 1986.

(At Patty McCormick) Andrea Hammerhill, Gone But Not Forgotten (also known as Phillip Margolin's "Gone But Not Forgotten"), Lifetime, 2004.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Mary Peterson, Invitation to Hell, ABC, 1984.

Vera Conrad, Silent Predators, TBS, 1999.

Acceptable Risk (also known as Robin Cook's "Acceptable Risk"), TBS, 2001.

Barbara, Mystery Woman: Snapshot, Hallmark Channel, 2005.

Mystery Woman: Vision of a Murder, Hallmark Channel, 2005.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Sophie Metzman, Night Partners, CBS, 1983.

Mrs. Brody, The Flamingo Kid, ABC, 1989.

Television Appearances; Specials:

The 29th Annual Academy Awards, NBC, 1957.

The Bob Hope Show, NBC, 1963.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

"Man Against Pain," Hallmark Hall of Fame (also known as Hallmark Television Playhouse), 1953.

Willys Theatre Presenting Ben Hecht's "Tales of the City," 1953.

"Quite a Guy," Kraft Television Theatre (also known as Kraft Mystery Theatre and Kraft Theatre), NBC, 1953.

"The Party," Revlon Mirror Theater, NBC, 1953.

Ben Hecht's Tales of the City (also known as Tales of the City), CBS, 1953.

"A Handful of Stars," The Web, CBS, 1954.

"I Remember, I Remember," The Campbell Television Soundstage (also known as Campbell Summer Soundstage and Campbell Soundstage), NBC, 1954.

"The Golden Box," The Campbell Television Soundstage (also known as Campbell Summer Soundstage and Campbell Soundstage), NBC, 1954.

"Judy and Me," Armstrong Circle Theater (also known as Circle Theater), NBC, 1954.

"Somebody Special," The Philco Television Playhouse (also known as Arena Theatre, Repertory Theatre, and The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse), NBC, 1954.

"The Three Tasks," Armstrong Circle Theater (also known as Circle Theater), NBC, 1954.

Young girl, "Atomic Attack," The Motorola Television Hour (also known as Motorola TV Hour and Motorola TV Theatre), 1954.

"Late Date," The United States Steel Hour (also known as The U.S. Steel Hour), CBS, 1954.

"Family Dispute," Casablanca, ABC, 1955.

Lovejoy Mason, "An Episode of Sparrows," Climax! (also known as Climax Mystery Theatre), CBS, 1956.

"Alien Angel," General Electric Theater (also known as G.E. Theater and G.E. True Theater), CBS, 1956.

(As Patricia McCormack) Helen Keller, "The Miracle Worker," Playhouse 90, CBS, 1957.

Jane, "The Clouded Image," Playhouse 90, CBS, 1957.

Toby Green, "Child of Trouble," Playhouse 90, CBS, 1957.

"Dan Marshall's Brat," Du Pont Theater, ABC, 1957.

"We Won't Be Any Trouble," Matinee Theater, NBC, 1957.

"Sing a Song," Kraft Television Theatre (also known as Kraft Mystery Theatre and Kraft Theatre), NBC, 1957.

Trudy Marshall, "Don Marshall's Brat," Cavalcade of America (also known as DuPont Presents the Cavalcade Theater and DuPont Theater), ABC, 1957.

Guest, "NBC Fall Preview," The Steve Allen Show (also known as The Steven Allen Plymouth Show), 1958.

Shower of Stars (also known as Chrysler Shower of Stars), 1958.

Jeannie, "The Spell of the Tigress," Kraft Television Theatre (also known as Kraft Mystery Theatre and Kraft Theatre), NBC, 1958.

(As Patty McCormick) "The Devil's Violin," Matinee Theater, NBC, 1958.

Mahala May, "The Dungeon," Playhouse 90, CBS, 1958.

Gussie, "The Chain and the River," Goodyear Theater (also known as Award Theatre and Golden Years of Television), NBC, 1958.

Title role, "The Mary Ellen Thomas Story," Wagon Train (also known as Major Adams, Trail Master), NBC, 1958.

Ketti Doner, "Project Immortality," Playhouse 90, CBS, 1959.

Rachel Sullivan, "Rachel's Summer," The United States Steel Hour (also known as The U.S. Steel Hour), CBS, 1959.

Emmy Horvath, "Make Me Not a Witch," Alcoa Premiere Theater (also known as Alcoa Presents and One Step Beyond), ABC, 1959.

Dotty Halsey, "Summer Hero," The Chevy Mystery Show (also known as Sunday Mystery Hour), NBC, 1960.

Jenny, "Black November," Route 66, CBS, 1960.

Title role, "A Girl Named Virginia," Death Valley Days (also known as Call of the West, The Pioneers, Trails West, and Western Star Theater), syndicated, 1960.

Jan, "Sleep on Four Pillows," Route 66, CBS, 1961.

(As Patty McCormick) Karen Kegler, "Thousands and Thousands of Miles," The New Breed, ABC, 1962.

"Incident of the Wolvers," Rawhide, CBS, 1962.

The Bob Hope Show, 1963.

"Pride and Mrs. Cobb," The Doctors, NBC, 1963.

Sarah Higgins, "Incident at Paradise," Rawhide, CBS, 1963.

"Cousin Helga Came to Dinner," The Farmer's Daughter, ABC, 1964.

"Burning Bright," Play of the Week, WNTA, 1966.

Betsy, "Night of the Death Masks," The Wild, Wild West, CBS, 1968.

Pearl Sickles, "Child of Rock and Sunshine," Lancer, CBS, 1969.

Janet Coldwell, "Dinner Date," Emergency! (also known as Emergencia and Emergency One), NBC, 1972.

Gilda Julian, "Operation: Dorias," O'Hara, U.S. Treasury, CBS, 1972.

Marie Halol, "Chain of Command," Police Story, NBC, 1974.

Mrs. Jill Cameron Lawrence, "Blockade," The Streets of San Francisco, ABC, 1974.

Angie McClaine, "Image in a Cracked Mirror," Barnaby Jones, CBS, 1974.

"The Brittle Warrior," Marcus Welby, M.D., ABC, 1974.

"The Double Edged Razor," Marcus Welby, M.D., ABC, 1974.

"The Truck Murders," Manhunter, CBS, 1974.

Tanya, "Murder Impossible," Wide World of Entertainment, ABC, 1974.

Mrs. Richard Halsey, "Coffin Corner," Cannon, CBS, 1975.

"The Pawn," Mobile One, ABC, 1975.

Beth Donovan, "The Little People," The Love Boat, ABC, 1978.

"What's a Nice Girl like You Doing …?" Emergency! (also known as Emergencia and Emergency One), NBC, 1978.

"The Convention," Emergency! (also known as Emergencia and Emergency One), NBC, 1979.

Anne Brookes, "Moving On," Three's Company, ABC, 1979.

Vanessa, Friends, ABC, 1979.

"The Cheerleaders/Marooned," Fantasy Island, ABC, 1979.

Anne Brookes, "Stanley, the Ladies' Man," Three's Company, ABC, 1979.

(As Patricia McCormack) Evelyn Michaelson, "Waterloo at Southfork," Dallas, CBS, 1981.

(As Patricia McCormack) Evelyn Michaelson, "Anniversary, " Dallas, CBS, 1982.

(As Patricia McCormack) Evelyn Michaelson, "My Father, My Son," Dallas, CBS, 1982.

Assistant district attorney Carol Baldwin, "Foiled Again," Magnum, P.I., CBS, 1982.

Sweets McBride, "How Do I Kill You, Let Me Count the Ways," The Fall Guy, 1982.

Paula, "The Wedding," Hotel (also known as Arthur Hailey's "Hotel"), ABC, 1984.

Vera Woodman, "Second Base Steele," Remington Steele, NBC, 1984.

Irene, "Fashioned in Murder," Partners in Crime (also known as 50/50), NBC, 1984.

"Good Time," Answers, Arts and Entertainment, 1985.

Wendy North, "Handy Boy," Second Chance (also known as Boys Will Be Boys), Fox, 1987.

Lana Whitman, "No Accounting for Murder," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1987.

Gloria Billings, "State of the Art," The Law and Harry McGraw, CBS, 1987.

Detective Kathleen Chadwick, "Wearing of the Green," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1988.

Madeline Maridan, "Parent's Day," Head of the Class, ABC, 1988.

Kathleen Squires, "Tinker," The New Lassie, 1989.

Stoney Adler, "Photo Finish," Freddy's Nightmares (also known as Freddy's Nightmares: A Nightmare on Elm Street), syndicated, 1989.

Marge Lester, "A Woman Too Far," Doogie Howser M.D., 1990.

Fran, "The Mismatchmaker," Empty Nest, 1992.

Rose O'Hara, "Trial by Fire," Baywatch, syndicated, 1997.

Liz La Cerva, "Full Leather Jacket," The Sopranos, HBO, 2000.

Mrs. Dwyer, "Viable Options," ER, NBC, 2000.

Child Stars: Their Story, Arts and Entertainment, 2000.

Dick Van Patten: The Sure Bet, Arts and Entertainment, 2001.

Monica Whitman, "Recovery," Family Law, CBS, 2001.

Jeanie Carlson, "The People vs. Oliver C. Handley," The D.A., ABC, 2004.

Mavis Brown, "Greed," Cold Case, CBS, 2004.

Jeannie Wyatt, "Moving Day," NYPD Blue, ABC, 2005.

Rebecca Franklin, "Who's Zoomin' Who?," Grey's Anatomy, ABC, 2005.

Realtor, "Aquamansion," Entourage, HBO, 2005.

Marcia Gordon, "Plain Sight," Criminal Minds, CBS, 2005.

Lillian, "What About True Confessions?," What About Brian, ABC, 2006.

Tracy Breen, "Six," Smith, CBS, 2007.

Mary Belkin, "Bar Fight," Shark, CBS, 2008.

Also appeared as herself, "The Ropers v. Angie," Family Feud; Mary Spencer, "Spencer's 18th Birthday," South of Nowhere, Noggin.

Stage Appearances:

Cathy Roberts, Touchstone, Music Box Theatre, New York City, 1953.

Rhoda Penmark, The Bad Seed, 46th Street Theatre, New York City, 1954.

Rumors, Jupiter Theatre, Jupiter, FL, 1993.

Hollywood Ever After, Tiffany Theatre, Los Angeles, 1994.

Mrs. Daigle, The Bad Seed, Staten Island, NY, 1999.

Meriweather, What I Did for Love, McCaddeen Place Theater, Hollywood, CA, 2002.

Major Tours:

Rumors, U.S. cities, 1989.

Also toured as Corie Bratter, Barefoot in the Park, U.S. cities.

Radio Appearances; Series:

Appeared in The Second Mrs. Burton.


Audio Books:

Mommy: Never Let Her Tuck You In, by Max Allan Collins, Sunset Productions, 1997.

Mommy 2: Mommy's Day, by Collins, Sunset Productions, 1998.

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