Landers, Matt 1952-

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Landers, Matt 1952-


Born October 21, 1952, in Utica, NY; children: Lily Kivlen, Fiona Kathleen. Education: Studied at the Boston Conservatory of Music.


Agent—Dulcina Eisen Associates, 154 East 61st St., New York, NY 10021.


Actor. Made professional debut at the Surflight Summer Theater, Beach Haven, NJ, 1969.

Awards, Honors:

Drama Desk Award nomination, outstanding featured actor in a musical, 1978, for Working; Jury Prize (with others), best ensemble acting, RiverRun International Film Festival, 2000, for Jacks or Better.


Film Appearances:

Bob, 48 Hrs., Paramount, 1982.

Mawby's regular, Flashdance, Paramount, 1983.

Journalist at rally, Brewster's Millions, Universal, 1985.

Fred, Commando, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1985.

Night guard at bank, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1986.

Danny, Valet Girls, Empire Pictures, 1987.

Ray Pindally, Ray's Male Heterosexual Dance Hall (short), 1987.

Desk sergeant number one, Action Jackson, Lorimar Film Entertainment, 1988.

Captain Mitchell, Die Hard, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1988.

Mel, Fright Night Part 2, New Century Vista Film Company, 1988.

Chief David Floyd, Ricochet, Warner Bros., 1991.

Mourner who didn't know the guy, Galaxies Are Colliding (also known as Plant of Love), Paramount Home Video, 1992.

Orlando XO, Down Periscope, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1996.

Jay, Nowhere Land, Crossroad Pictures, 1998.

Major General Don "Boom Boom" Howell, 2001 Yonggary (also known as Reptilian), Columbia TriStar Home Video, 1999.

Matt, Jacks or Better, ITN, 2000.

Bank manager, The Prime Gig, Independent Pictures, 2000.

Bystander, Edmond, First Independent Pictures, 2005.

Joe the cop, Venice (short), 2008.

Television Appearances; Series:

Larry Pinkerton, The George Carlin Show, Fox, 1994.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Mickey Rudin, Sinatra, CBS, 1992.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Young man number two, Women of San Quentin, NBC, 1983.

Bruce, Maybe Baby, NBC, 1988.

Thomas, Daughter of the Streets, ABC, 1990.

Lieutenant Walter Haut, Roswell (also known as Incident at Roswell and Roswell: The U.F.O.), Showtime, 1994.

Butch, Roseanne: An Unauthorized Biography, Fox, 1994.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Eddie Grado, Who's on Call?, ABC, 1979.

Rocky, Car Wash, NBC, 1979.

The photo clerk, Ellen (also known as These Friends of Mine), ABC, 1994.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Fireman, "Working," American Playhouse, PBS, 1982.

Fred, "Sport of Kings," Falcon Crest, CBS, 1984.

Hacksaw, "All You Need Is Love," Night Court, NBC, 1984.

"World War III," Night Court, NBC, 1985.

Alan Dorkin, Hollywood Beat, ABC, 1985.

Bob Johnson, "A Song for Jason: Parts 1 & 2," Highway to Heaven, NBC, 1985.

Ross, "The Movie Deal," What's Happening Now!, syndicated, 1986.

"Mistaken Identity," The Paper Chase, Showtime, 1986.

Man, "Murder," Night Court, NBC, 1987.

Carl Sackett, "The Brothers Grimm," L.A. Law, NBC, 1987.

Mike Stowiecki, "Last Rites for Lucci," Wiseguy, CBS, 1987.

Richard, "What Price Gloria?—October 16, 1961," Quantum Leap, NBC, 1989.

"What Child Is This?," Jake and the Fatman, CBS, 1989.

Father, Dear John, NBC, 1989.

Willis, "The Exotic Dancer Mystery," Father Dowling Mysteries (also known as Father Dowling Investigates), ABC, 1990.

Harry Milgrim, "Goodnight, Central City," The Flash, CBS, 1991.

Victor, "L.A. Story," Designing Women, CBS, 1992.

"Mirror Image," Human Target, ABC, 1992.

Robber, "Robo-Nerd II," Family Matters, ABC, 1992.

Carl Falvey, Shaky Ground, Fox, 1992.

Voice of Frankie, "Two-Face: Parts 1 & 2," Batman (animated; also known as Batman: The Animated Series and The Adventures of Batman & Robin), Fox, 1992.

Dinato, "The Stinger," SeaQuest DSV (also known as SeaQuest 2032), NBC, 1994.

Voice of Frankie, "Second Chance," Batman (animated; also known as Batman: The Animated Series and The Adventures of Batman & Robin), Fox, 1994.

Mr. Dayton, On Our Own, ABC, 1994.

Potts, Charlie Grace, ABC, 1995.

Avery, "Long Ago and Far Away," Vanishing Son, syndicated, 1995.

Steve Rose, "The Jumper," Pointman, syndicated, 1995.

Voice of Turk, "Hot Rods from Heck," Freazkazoid! (animated), The WB, 1995.

Mr. Parker, "The Flight Before Christmas," Step by Step, ABC, 1995.

Eddie, "Under the Rug," The Louie Show (animated), CBS, 1996.

Graham, "You Can Go Home Again," Boy Meets World, ABC, 1996.

Rosenburg, "The Stuff that Dreams Are Made Of," Arli$$, HBO, 1996.

Brett Smith, "Let the Games Begin," ER, NBC, 1996.

"Bad News Barry's," Dave's World, CBS, 1997.

Flint, "A Pirate's Life for Me," Family Matters, ABC 1997.

"Dying to Live," Profiler, NBC, 1997.

Desk Sergeant Baumgartner, "Upstairs, Downstairs," NYDP Blue, ABC, 1997.

Desk Sergeant Baumgartner, "Cop in a Bottle," NYDP Blue, ABC, 1998.

Desk Sergeant Baumgartner, "Brother's Keeper," NYDP Blue, ABC, 1998.

Voice of gang leader, "Growing Pains," The New Batman Adventures (animated), The WB, 1998.

Tommy P. O'Neal, "Two Guys, a Girl and a Celtic Game," Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (also known as Two Guys and a Girl), ABC, 1998.

Building inspector, Two of a Kind, ABC, 1998.

Steinmetz, Malcolm and Eddie, UPN, 1998.

Lawyer, "First Love: Parts 1 & 2," Cracker (also known as Cracker: Mind Over Murder), Arts and Entertainment, 1999.

Rosenburg, "The Art of Give and Take," Arli$$, HBO, 1999.

Voice of Louie, "Terry's Friend Dates a Robot," Batman Beyond (animated; also known as Batman of the Future), 2000.

Steve Diamond, head of security, "My Boyfriend Went to Chile and All I Got Was This Lousy Moustache," Jesse, NBC, 2000.

Lieutenant Snyder, "The Brotherhood," Law & Order, NBC, 2004.

Dr. Miller, "Death Roe," Law & Order: Criminal Intent (also known as Law & Order: CI), 2005.

Glen Portney, "Fault," Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (also known as Law & Order: SVU and Special Victims Unit), NBC, 2006.

Stage Appearances:

(Broadway debut) Sonny, Grease, Royale Theatre, New York City, 1975.

Tony Mastice, Momma's Little Angels, Quaigh Theatre, New York City, 1978.

Matt Landers, Working, 46th Street Theatre, New York City, 1978.

Lionel McAuley, Perfect Crime, Duffy Theatre, New York City, 1987.

Also appeared as Jesus, Godspell, Wilbur Theatre, Boston, MA.