Kidnie, James

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Career: Actor.

Awards, Honors: Gemini Award nomination, Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, best guest performance in a series by an actor, 1995, for Robocop: The Series.


Television Appearances; Series:

William Ray "Pudface" Morgan, Robocop (also known as Robocop: The Series ), syndicated, 19941995.

Voice of Amphonoids, Free Willy (animated), ABC, beginning 1994.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Bobby Lynch, Perry Mason Returns (also known as The Defense Never Rests ), NBC, 1985.

Butch, The Undergrads, The Disney Channel, 1985.

Federal agent, Starcrossed, ABC, 1985.

Second thug, Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, PBS, 1985.

Lieutenant Arroyo, Many Happy Returns, CBS, 1986.

Police officer in park, The Park Is Mine, HBO, 1986.

Waiter, Christmas Eve, NBC, 1986.

Brother Martin, Betrayal of Silence, CTV and Lifetime, 1988.

Defense attorney, I Love You Perfect, ABC, 1989.

Sid (Dolly's husband), American Boyfriends (also known as My American Boyfriend ), CBC and CBS, 1989.

Skeggs, Last Train Home (also known as Tom Alone ), The Family Channel, 1990.

Desk sergeant, Dying to Remember, USA Network, 1993.

Photographer, Thirty Two Short Films about Glenn Gould (also known as Glenn Gould32 lyhytelokuvaa, 32 curtas metragens sobre Glenn Gould, and Trentdeux films brefs sur Glenn Gould ), CBC, 1993.

Cargo handler, Race to Freedom: The Underground Railroad, The Family Channel, 1994.

Moss, Green Dolphin Beat (also known as Green Dolphin Street ), Fox, 1994.

Officer Felix, Royce, Showtime, 1994.

Secret police agent, Down Came a Blackbird (also known as Ramirez ), Showtime, 1995.

Martin Slatter, Devil's Food, Lifetime, 1996.

Mr. Tatum, Hidden in America, Showtime, 1996.

Redneck, Talk to Me, ABC, 1996.

Vic Mason, Harrison: Cry of the City, UPN, 1996.

Agent Adams, Hostile Intent, HBO, 1997.

Al Post, Joe Torre: Curveballs along the Way, Showtime, 1997.

Woody Ryan, Too Close to Home, CBS, 1997.

Arnold, "Aart and Johtje Vos" segment, Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Couples, Showtime, 1998.

Bormann, Thunder Point (also known as Jack Higgins' Thunder Point ), Showtime, 1998.

Walter Chibley, Resurrection, HBO, 1999.

Colonel Rall, The Crossing, Arts and Entertainment, 2000.

Penthouse emcee, Holiday Heart, Showtime, 2000.

Pimp in diner, Criminal Instinct: The Wandering Soul Murders, Lifetime, 2001.

Loves Music, Loves to Dance, PAX, 2001.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

"Hear No Evil, See No Evil," Seeing Things, CBC, 1982.

Fazle, "Brotherly Love," Adderly, CBS, 1986.

Mike, "Mr. Nice Guy," Street Legal, CBC, 1987.

"Domestic Spirits," Diamonds, CBS and CBC, 1987.

"Storm Warning," Airwolf, USA Network, 1987.

Captain Murphy, "The Second Seal," War of the Worlds, syndicated, 1988.

Hotel clerk, "Gotcha!," The Ray Bradbury Theatre, USA Network, 1988.

John York, "Pipe Dream," Friday the 13th (also known as Friday the 13th: The Series ), syndicated, 1988.

Vigilante, "Memories," The Twilight Zone, syndicated, 1988.

"Ghost Writer," Diamonds, CBS and CBC, 1988.

Dr. Crane, "Skeletor and Weirdlyworks," The Beachcombers, CBC, 1989.

Hans Felder, "Renegade," MacGyver, ABC, 1989.

Ken Reesor, "Vigilante," Bordertown, Global and The Family Channel, 1989.

"The Gun," Katts and Dog, CTV and The Family Channel, 1989.

"Payola," Diamonds, CBS and CBC, 1989.

John "Bruns" Bronzell, "Argo the Venusian," Broken Badges, CBS, 1991.

"Daniel," Neon Rider, CTV and syndicated, 1992.

Orson, "22;Bounty," Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years, syndicated, 1996.

Ilia Benko, "Gray," Nikita (also known as La Femme Nikita ), USA Network, 1997.

Martin Shaw, "Fire Within/Fate," Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal, syndicated, 1997.

Johnny's grandfather, "Full Disclosure," Highlander: The Raven, syndicated, 1998.

Lonnie Stevens, "Neighborhood Watch," The Sentinel, UPN, 1998.

Man, "Dead Men Don't Throw Rice," Due South (also known as Due South: The Series, Direction: Sud, and Tandem de choc ), CTV and TNT, 1998.

Producer, "The Critic," Foolish Heart, CBC, 1999.

Max Stareman, "The Vessel," First Wave, SciFi Channel, 2000.

Troy Sarrazin, "Interview," Earth: Final Conflict (also known as EFC, Gene Roddenberry's Battleground Earth, Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict, Invasion planete Terre, and Mission Erde: Sie sind unter uns ), syndicated, 2000.

Gerhardt Bronck, "Out," Dark Angel (also known as James Cameron's Dark Angel ), Fox, 2001.

Television Appearances; Other:

Dr. Blumberg, Hands of a Stranger (miniseries), NBC, 1987.

American trader, By Way of the Stars (special), CBC and The Disney Channel, 1994.

Film Appearances:

Sonny (an undercover police officer), Head On (also known as Fatal Attraction ), Summa Vista Pictures, 1980.

Younger man, Deadline, PanCanadian Film Distributors, 1981.

Attendant, Curtains, Jensen Farley, 1983.

Marshal, The Wars, International Spectrafilm, 1983.

Big thug, Big Deal, Alliance, 1985.

Dr. Kline, Terminal Choice (also known as Critical List, Death Bed, Death List, and Trauma ), Almi Pictures, 1985.

Sandy, Blindside, Norstar Entertainment, 1986.

Officer Pritchard, Murder One, Miramax, 1988.

Guard, We're No Angels, Paramount, 1989.

Surveillance team member, Sea of Love, Universal, 1989.

The Big Deal, Alliance, 1989.

Underworld boss, Bird on a Wire, Universal, 1990.

Defense attorney, Bingo, Columbia/TriStar, 1991.

Detective Jackson, Body Parts, Paramount, 1991.

Sammy, Run, Buena Vista, 1991.

Mr. Coleson, Gate II: The Trespassers (also known as Gate 2: The Trespassers, Gate II, and Gate II: Return to the Nightmare ), Columbia, 1992.

Attorney, The Crush, Warner Bros., 1993.

Lazlo, Harmony Cats, Harmony Productions, 1993.

Burt, Boozecan, Annex Entertainment, 1994.

Wess, Max, Apple Pie Pictures, 1994.

Goodwin, Crash (also known as Breach of Trust and Dirty Money ), Bad Boy Films, 1995.

Mummified man, Booty Call, Columbia, 1997.

Subway repairperson, Mimic, Miramax, 1997.

Red, DTox (also known as Detox, Eye See You, and Im Auge der Angst ), Universal, 2002.

Doc, Absolon, Hannibal Pictures, 2003.

Stage Appearances:

Phillie, Criminal Genius, Factory Theatre Mainstage, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, beginning 1997.

Phillie, Problem Child, Factory Theatre, c. 1998.

Werner Heisenberg, Copenhagen, Centaur Theatre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2003.