Horse, Michael 1951–

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HORSE, Michael 1951–


Original name, Michael Heinrich; born 1951, in a Yaqui Native American reserve near Tucson, AZ; raised in Los Angeles, CA; married Sandra. Education: Studied acting with Joan Darling; studied silvercraft at American Indian Art Institute.

Career: Actor, stunt coordinator, and artist. Exhibited artwork at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC; appeared in television commercials for Georgia Coffee, 1993; also worked as a fiddle player, rodeo rider, oil field worker, wrangler, cowboy, and volunteer child counselor. Military service: Served as a gunner during Vietnam War.


Film Appearances:

Tonto, The Legend of the Lone Ranger, Associated Film, 1981.

Josiah Anderson, The Avenging (also known as Two against the Wind), First National Telecommunications, 1982.

Pool attendant, The Check Is in the Mail (also known as The Cheque Is in the Post), Ascot, 1986.

Medicine man, Love at Stake (also known as Burnin' Love), 1987.

Cherokee Bill, Buckeye and Blue, 1988.

Bobby Leaping Mouse, Rented Lips, Cineworld, 1988.

Indian Joe, Deadly Weapon, 1989.

Old Indian/"Seeks–to–Hunt–Great," Legend of "Seeks–To–Hunt–Great" (also known as The Visions of Seeks–to–Hunt–Great), 1989.

Dandy Jim, Border Shootout, 1990.

Forget, Passenger 57, Warner Bros., 1992.

(Scenes deleted) Deputy Hawk, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (also known as Twin Peaks), 1992.

Stoker, House of Cards, Miramax, 1993.

Skeeter, New Line Home Video, 1994.

Dirty Bob, Riders in the Storm, FilmHaus Releasing, 1995.

Lead cop, American Strays, A–Pix Entertainment, 1996.

Bogay, Navajo Blues, A–Pix Entertainment, 1997.

Player, Smoke Signals, Miramax, 1998.

Eddie, Shattered Illusions, 1998.

Voice of Peter Maza, Gargoyles: Brothers Betrayed (animated), 1998.

Ray, The Other Side, 2000.

Native American convict, Dirt, Mac Releasing, 2001.

Voice of Little Creek's friend, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (animated; also known as Spirit), Dream-Works, 2002.

Pete Longshadow, A.K.A. Birdseye (also known as Birdseye), 2002.

Broken Feather, "The Cowboy and the Frenchman," The Short Films of David Lynch, 2002.

Film Work:

Stunt coordinator, American Strays, A–Pix Entertainment, 1996.

Television Appearances; Series:

Voice, Camp Candy, 1989.

Deputy Tommy "The Hawk" Hill, Twin Peaks (also known as Northwest Passage), ABC, 1990–1991.

Voice of J. R., Wild West C. O. W. Boys of Moo Mesa (also known as C. O. W. Boys of Moo Mesa), ABC, 1992–1994.

Agent George Steelman, The Untouchables, syndicated, 1993.

Voice of Sergeant Peter Maza, Gargoyles (animated), syndicated, 1994–1996.

Voice, What–A–Mess (also known as What a Mess), ABC, 1995–1996.

Andrew One Sky, North of 60, CBC, 1995–1997.

Voice of Chaynah Walker, The Legend of Calamity Jane (animated), The WB, 1997.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Broken Feather, "The Cowboy and the Frenchman," Les francais vus par (also known as The Cowboy and the Frenchman and The French as Seen by …), 1988.

Voice, 500 Nations, 1995.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Law at Randado, 1989.

Dennis Banks, Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee, TNT, 1994.

Andrew Sky One, In the Blue Ground, 1999.

Andrew Sky One, Dream Storm (also known as Dream-storm: A North of 60 Mystery), 2001.

Television Appearances; Specials:

I Love Liberty, 1982.

Voice, The Wild West, syndicated, 1993.

Voice, 500 Nations (also known as Five Hundred Nations), CBS, 1995.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Deputy Tommy "Hawk" Hill, Twin Peaks, 1990.

Deputy Owen Blackwood, Roswell, The WB, 1999.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Billy Night Eyes, Hollywood Beat, ABC, 1985.

Jonathan Eagle, "Burial Ground," Knight Rider, 1985.

Indian, "The Sitter," Amazing Stories, 1986.

Male friend, "What If …?," Amazing Stories, 1986.

Jerry New Eagle, "Haunted Highway," The Highwayman, 1988.

"The Burial Ground," Paradise, 1989.

Russell, "Unmarried … with Children," P.S. I Luv U, 1991.

David Blackwing, "Thanksgivingsomething," The Torkelsons, 1991.

"The Maxnificent Seven," Mighty Max, 1993.

Sheriff Charles Tskany, "Shapes," The X–Files, Fox, 1994.

Storytime, PBS, 1994.

Voice, Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?, Fox, 1994.

Voice, "Snow White," Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales For Every Child, HBO, 1995.

"Vengeance Is Mine," Hawkeye, 1995.

Voice of Strong Wind, "Honesty," Adventures from the Book of Virtues, 1996.

Voice of Old Indian, "Trouble on the Colorado," The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (animated), 1996.

Voice of Ames, "The Ballad of Belle Bonnet," The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (animated), 1996.

Voice of Tuk, "In the Darkness of the Moon," The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (animated), 1996.

Voice of Eskimo, "Future Rage," The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (animated), 1996.

Voice of Jefferson Whitedeer, "And the Wind Cries … Wendigo," The Incredible Hulk (animated), syndicated, 1996.

Voice of Big Chief Fancy Pants, "Role With It," Duckman (animated), 1997.

Voice of Sky Sentry Operator, "Ghost in the Machine," Superman (animated), 1997.

John Red Cloud, "Team Cherokee: Parts 1 & 2," Walker, Texas Ranger, CBS, 1999.

Squanto/Dissquantum, "Thanksgiving," Thanks, CBS, 1999.

Deputy Owen Blackwood, "The Morning After," Roswell, The WB, 1999.

Deputy Owen Blackwood, "285 South," Roswell, The WB, 1999.

Deputy Owen Blackwood, "River Dog," Roswell, The WB, 1999.

Andrew One Sky, "In the Blue Ground," North of 60, CBC, 1999.

Voice of Wildlife Ranger Sam Rainwater, "Pack of Thornberrys," The Wild Thornberrys (animated), Nickelodeon, 2000.

Security guy, "Casino," Malcolm in the Middle, Fox, 2000.

Andrew One Sky, "Dream Storm," North of 60, CBC, 2001.

Steve, "Monkey," Malcolm in the Middle, Fox, 2002.

Also appeared as Jonathan Stillwater, "The Secret," Kristin; in Arli$$.

Television Work; Series:

Additional voices, Problem Child, 1993.

Television Work; Episodic:

Provided additional voices, New Kids on the Block.



Cowriter and illustrator of a children's book.