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Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Education: Graduate of Ontario College of Art.

Addresses: Agent Lisa Kirk, Kirk Talent Agencies, Inc., 1006 Beach Ave., 8th Floor, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6E 1T7.

Career: Actress. Worked as a model; appeared in commercials. Also worked as a freelance graphic designer.


Film Appearances:

Fun Park, New World, 1985.

Angie, Breaking All the Rules, New World, 1985.

Dr. Myers, Xtro II: The Second Encounter, New Line Home Video, 1990.

Last victim, Knight Moves (also known as Face to Face and Knight MovesEin moerderisches Spiel ), Interstar, 1993.

Caroline Raynor, Time Runner (also known as In Exile ), Alliance Atlantis Communications/North American Releasing, 1993.

Roxanne, Suspicious Agenda (also known as Under the Gun ), WarnerVision, 1995.

T. K. Wallace, Convergence (also known as Premonition ), New City Releasing, 1999.

Trish, The Fear: Resurrection (also known as The Fear: Halloween Night ), Apix Entertainment, 1999.

Panama, Y2K (also known as Terminal Countdown ), PM Entertainment Group, 1999.

Dr. Fishbourne, Limp, Goal Line Productions/Swell Entertainment, 1999.

Sonya Orlova, The Operative, Studio Home Entertainment, 2000.

Lola, Apartment Hunting (also known as Lola ), Alliance Atlantis Communications, 2000.

Kate O'Conner, Watchtower (also known as Cruel and Unusual ), Alliance Atlantis Communications, 2001.

Dr. Allison, Hellraiser: Hellseeker, Buena Vista Home Video, 2002.

Carrie, Cellmates, RBG Entertainment, 2003.

Television Appearances; Series:

Florence, Harsh Realm, Fox, 19992000.

Adoley Thornton, Call of the Wild (also known as Jack London's Call of the Wild ), CBS, 2000.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Sonia Glatt, Anything for Love (also known as Just One of the Girls ), Fox, 1992.

Ann Treadwell, The Sea Wolf, TNT, 1993.

Harriett, Sidney Sheldon's A Stranger in the Mirror (also known as A Stranger in the Mirror ), ABC, 1993.

Barmaid Gabby, The Final Cut, HBO, 1995.

Jill Weitz, She Woke Up Pregnant (also known as Crimes of Silence ), ABC, 1996.

Bookstore fan, Bloodhounds II, USA Network, 1996.

Alexa Stant, Dead Fire (also known as Le vaisseau de l'enfer ), SciFi Channel, 1997.

Maggie Reid, Voyage of Terror (also known as The Fourth Horseman and Die Schreckensfahrt der Orion Star ), Fox Family Channel, 1998.

Rachel Castlemore, Deadlocked (also known as DeadlockedDie fuenfte Gewalt ), TNT, 2000.

Reece Robins, Cabin Pressure, 2001.

Amy, The Snow Queen, Hallmark Channel, 2002.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Beth, "John Doe," Neon Rider, syndicated, 1990.

Marie Pulaski, "A Matter of Life or Death: Part 1," The Commish, ABC, 1991.

Karen, "Eggheads," Sliders, Fox, 1995.

Valerie Meech, "Leader of the Pack," Highlander, syndicated, 1995.

Delila, "The End of Innocence," Highlander, syndicated, 1996.

Julianna "Jolie" Morrow, "Wheelman," Viper, syndicated, 1997.

Angela, "The Mikado," Millennium, Fox, 1998.

Emma Roe, "Go Like You Know," The Net, USA Network, 1998.

Megan Galloway, "Blue Champagne," Welcome to Paradox, SciFi Channel, 1998.

Susan Tannen, "Blue Agave," First Wave, SciFi Channel, 1998.

Maureen Masters, "The Really Real Reenactment," Viper, syndicated, 1998.

Amazon, "Them Bones Them Bones," Xena: Warrior Princess, syndicated, 1999.

"The Seductress," The Hunger, Showtime, 2000.

Adulasia Stalin, "Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way," Andromeda, syndicated, 2001.

Cory, "Last Call at the Broken Hammer," Andromeda, syndicated, 2001.

Amanda, "Office Management," Bliss, 2003.

Christina, "Within These Walls," Mutant X, syndicated, 2003.

Alma/Rosemary, "The Man Who Never Was," The Dead Zone (also known as Stephen King's The Dead Zone ), USA Network, 2003.

Appeared as Mindy in an episode of The Hat Squad; and as Lisa London in an episode of Police Academy: The Series.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

(As Rachael Hayward) Third guard, Stargate SG1: Children of the Gods, Showtime and syndicated, 1997.


Video Games:

Voice of third cowgirl, Wirehead, 1995.

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