Hallam, John 1941–

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Hallam, John 1941–


Born October 28, 1941, in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. Avocational Interests: Gardening.


Agent—Speak Limited, 59 Lionel Rd. N., Brentford TW8 9QZ, England.




British Actors' Equity Association.


Film Appearances:

Officer, The Charge of the Light Brigade, United Artists, 1968.

(Uncredited) Burpa on rooftop, Carry On … Up the Khyber, J. Arthur Rank, 1968.

The captain, Where's Jack?, Paramount, 1969.

Sir Miles of Bohemia, A Walk with Love and Death, Twentieth Century–Fox, 1969.

Lieutenant Ellis, Murphy's War, Paramount, 1971.

Geddes, The Last Valley, Cinerama Releasing, 1971.

Terry, Villain, Metro–Goldwyn–Mayer, 1971.

Jonathan Keene, Quest for Love, J. Arthur Rank, 1971.

Nagorny, Nicholas and Alexandra, Columbia, 1971.

Thidias, Antony and Cleopatra (also known as Antoine et Cleopatre and Marco Antonio y Cleopatra), Rank Film Organization, 1972.

Panton, The Offence (also known as The Offense and Something like the Truth), United Artists, 1972.

P. C. McTaggert, The Wicker Man (also known as Anthony Shaffer's "The Wicker Man"), National General, 1973.

Guensche, Hitler: The Last Ten Days (also known as Gli ultimi 10 giorni di Hitler), Paramount, 1973.

Boyle, Hennessy, American International Pictures/Orion, 1975.

Sir Roger Moncton, Trial by Combat (also known as A Choice of Arms, Choice of Weapons, and Dirty Knight's Work), Ambassador Film Distributors, 1976.

Chung–Sha, The People that Time Forgot, American International Pictures, 1977.

Cerutti, Love and Bullets, Associated Film Distributors, 1979.

Luro, Flash Gordon, Universal, 1980.

Tyrian, Dragonslayer, Paramount, 1981.

Lamson, Lifeforce (also known as Space Vampires), TriStar, 1985.

Philistine armor bearer, King David, Paramount, 1985.

Grizzard, Santa Claus (also known as Santa Claus: The Movie), TriStar, 1985.

Treve Pender, When the Whales Came, Twentieth Century–Fox, 1989.

Redheaded baron, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Warner Bros., 1991.

Mandara, Kull the Conqueror, MCA/Universal, 1997.

Ali Ben Hassad, The Incredible Adventures of Marco Polo (also known as Marco Polo), Avalanche Home Entertainment, 1998.

Television Appearances; Series:

Lieutenant James Willoughby, The Regiment, BBC, 1972.

Lord Chiltern, The Pallisers, PBS, 1974.

Harry Farmer, Wings, BBC1, 1977.

Thomas Mallen, The Mallens, ITV, 1979.

Commanding officer, Weatherby, Knights of God, ITV, 1987.

"Barnsey" Barnes, EastEnders, BBC, 1988–90.

Terry Prince, Emmerdale Farm (also known as Emmerdale), YTV, 1990.

Mark Wise, 99–1, ITV, 1994.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Mr. Ingleby, Murder Must Advertise (also known as Lord Peter Wimsey: Murder Must Advertise), PBS, 1973.

Captain Beever, Dominic, 1976.

Samson Flusky, Under Capricorn, 1983.

Captain Parker, Return to Treasure Island, The Disney Channel, 1986.

Cedric Crackenthorpe, "4.50 from Paddington" segment (also known as "Miss Marple: 4.50 from Paddington"), Agatha Christie's Miss Marple, Series IV, PBS, 1987.

John Tanner, White Peak Farm, BBC, 1988.

Hooperman, The Fortunate Pilgrim (also known as Mario Puzo's "The Fortunate Pilgrim" and Mamma Lucia), NBC, 1988.

Captain Drinian, Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader (also known as Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader), PBS, 1989.

Ludovico Buonarotti, A Season of Giants (also known as Michelangelo: The Last Giant), TNT, 1991.

Queen's talking mirror, The 10th Kingdom (also known as Das 10te Koenigreich and Das Zehnte Koenigreich), NBC, 2000.

Demon, Arabian Nights, ABC, 2000.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Arnhem: The Story of an Escape (also known as Arnhem, het verhaal van een ontsnapping), BBC, 1976.

Sergeant major, The Four Feathers, NBC, 1977.

Guy Atherton, The Last Giraffe, CBS, 1979.

Herald, Ivanhoe, CBS, 1982.

Captain Harris, The Master of Ballantrae, CBS, 1984.

Gomon, Good King Wenceslas, The Family Channel, 1994.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Abel Jackson, "For a Rainy Day," Softly Softly (also known as Softly, Softly: Task Force), BBC, 1968.

Doug Martin, "The Man in the Elegant Room," Department S, ITV, 1969.

Johnny Crackan, "It's Supposed to Be Thicker than Water," Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (also known as My Partner the Ghost), ITV, 1970.

John Hewlett, "A Thin Band of Air," Jason King, ITV, 1972.

Peter Conway, "Departure and Arrival," Moonbase 3, BBC, 1973.

Peter Conway, "Behemoth," Moonbase 3, BBC, 1973.

Peter Conway, "Outsiders," Moonbase 3, BBC, 1973.

Hart, "How about It, Frank?," Public Eye, ITV, 1975.

Roscoe, "Murder Motel," Thriller, ATV, 1975.

Von Heumann, "The Gift of the Emperor," Raffles, YTV, 1977.

Squadron Leader Roger Wayman, "A New Life," The Mackinnons, BBC, 1977.

Bernadotti, "Collision Course: The Brave Goose," Return of the Saint (also known as The Son of the Saint), ITV, 1979.

Bernadotti, "Collision Course: The Sixth Man," Return of the Saint (also known as The Son of the Saint), ITV, 1979.

Colonel Moat, "The Whipping Boy," Dick Turpin, ITV, 1979.

Gypsy Joe, "In," Minder, ITV, 1982.

Tug Willis, "Lawson's Last Stand," The Professionals, ITV, 1982.

Sir Wilfred Death, "The Black Seal," The Black Adder (also known as Blackadder), BBC1, 1983.

Big Ted, "Peace, Brother," Casualty, BBC1, 1987.

Light, "Ghost Light: Part 2," Doctor Who, BBC, 1989.

Fergus, "The Bogman of Letchmoor Heath," She–Wolf of London (also known as Love & Curses), syndicated, 1990.

Jacques Le Rozier, "The Evil that Men Do," Bergerac, BBC1, 1991.

Kazik Zawadzki, Forever Green, ITV, 1992.

Captain Dominguez, "Silk Purses and Sow's Ears," Zorro (also known as The New Zorro and Les nouvelles aventures de Zorro), The Family Channel, 1992.

Roderick Frew, "Who Is the Fairest of Them All?," Lovejoy, Arts and Entertainment, 1993.

Gorgiano, "The Red Circle," The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, PBS, 1994.

Rooky, "Five Get into Trouble," The Famous Five (also known as Enid Blyton's "Famous Five"), ITV, 1996.

Lord Rhysart, "A Morbid Taste for Bones," Cadfael (also known as Cadfael 3 and Mystery! Cadfael), PBS, 1996.

Lionel Penmore, "Bad Blood," Wycliffe, ITV, 1997.

Mr. Lomax, "Eric's Won Ton," All Quiet on the Preston Front (also known as Preston Front), BBC1, 1997.

Mr. Lomax, "Jeanetta's Marijuna," All Quiet on the Preston Front (also known as Preston Front), BBC1, 1997.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Harry Farmer, Wings, BBC, 1976.

Stage Appearances:

Hall–keeper at the Pantheon, Trelawney of the Wells, 1965.

Constantine Madras, Madras House, Lyric Theatre–Hammersmith, London, 1992.