Hallén, (Johannes) Andreas

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Hallén, (Johannes) Andreas

Hallén, (Johannes) Andreas, Swedish conductor and composer; b. Göteborg, Dec. 22, 1846; d. Stockholm, March 11, 1925. He studied with Reinecke in Leipzig, Rheinberger in Munich, and Rietz in Dresden. Upon his return to Sweden, he conducted in Göteborg (1872-78; 1883-84), and then was conductor of the Phil. Concerts in Stockholm (1885–95) and of the Royal Opera (1892–97). From 1908 to 1919 he was a prof, of composition at the Stockholm Cons. He composed in a Wag-nerian style.


dramatic: Opera: Harald der Wiking (Leipzig, Oct. 16, 1881); Häxfällan (Stockholm, March 16, 1896); The Treasure of Waldemar (Stockholm, April 8, 1899); Walpurgis Night (rev. version of Häxfällan; Stockholm, March 15, 1902). OTHER: 2 symphonic poems: En Sommarsaga (1889) and Oie Toteninsel (1898); Sphärenklänge (1905); cantatas; overtures.


P. Vretblad, A. H. (Stockholm, 1918).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire