Hallgrímsson, Haflidi (Magnus)

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Hallgrímsson, Haflidi (Magnus)

Hallgrímsson, Haflidi (Magnus), Icelandic cellist and composer; b. Akureyri, Sept. 18, 1941. He studied cello at the Reykjavík Coll. of Music (1958–62), and then with Mainardi at the Accademia de Santa Cecilia in Rome (1962–63). He pursued training in composition with Simpson at the Royal Academy of Music in London (1964–67), and then privately with Bush and Maxwell Davies (1968–72). After playing in the Haydn String Trio (1967–70) and the English Chamber Orch. (1968–74) in London, he was principal cellist of the Scottish Chamber Orch. in Glasgow (1977–83). He then was a member of the Mondrian Piano Trio in Edinburgh (1984–88). His Poemi for Violin and Strings won the Nordic Council Music Prize in 1986.


dramatic:Mini Stories for Narrator, Soprano, and Small Ensemble (Thurso, Scotland, Sept. 8, 1997). ORCH.: Poemi for Violin and Strings (1984; Reykjavík, Jan. 31, 1985); Daydreams in Numbers for Strings (1986); Herma for Cello and Strings (1994-95; Glasgow, March 15, 1995); Still Life (1995; Glasgow, April 25, 1996); Crucifixion (1997); Ombra for Viola and Strings (St. Andrew, Scotland, Oct. 28, 1999).CHAMBER : Solitaire for Cello (1970; rev. version, Listasafn Islands, Sept. 29, 1991); Verse I for Flute and Cello (London, May 4, 1975); Fimma for Cello and Piano (London, Oct. 14, 1976); Strönd for Harpsichord (1982; rev. version, Skalholt, July 16, 1988); Jacob’s Ladder for Guitar (Reykjavík, June 13, 1984); Tristia for Guitar and Cello (Reykjavík, June 13, 1984); String Quartet No. 1, From Memory (Copenhagen, Feb. 14, 1989); Four Movements for String Quartet: In Memoriam Bryn Turley (Edinburgh, Dec. 3, 1990); Intarsia: Six Movements for Wind Quintet (Edinburgh, April 23, 1991; rev. 1992); The Flight of Icarus for Flute (Listasafn Islands, Sept. 29, 1991); Offerto (In Memoriam Karl Kvaran) for Violin (Listasafn Islands, Sept. 29, 1991); Sketches in Time for Piano (1992); Metamorphoses for Violin, Cello, and Piano (1993; Edinburgh, March 15, 1994); Ears Stretch a Sensitive Sail for Percussionist and String Quartet (Thurso, Scotland, Sept. 8, 1998).VOCAL: Elegy for Mezzo-soprano, Flute, 2 Cellos, Piano, and Celesta (1971); You Will Hear Thunder for Soprano and Cello (1982); Triptych for Voices (1986); Words in Winter for Soprano and Orch. (Reykjavík, Oct. 29, 1987); Syrpa for Soprano, Clarinet, Cello, and Piano (Edinburgh, March 8, 1993); Rima for Soprano and String Orch. (1993-94; Lillehammer, Feb. 19, 1994).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire