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Grant, Richard E. 1957- (Richard Esterhuysen)

Grant, Richard E. 1957- (Richard Esterhuysen)


Original name, Richard Grant Esterhuysen; born May 5, 1957, in Mbabane, Swaziland; son of Henrik Abraham Esterhuysen (a colonial minister of education) and Leonie Hogan (a teacher); married Joan Washington (a voice and dialect coach), November 1, 1986; children: Tiffany (deceased), Olivia; stepchildren: Tom. Education: University of Cape Town, B.A., English and drama, 1979. Politics: Liberal. Avocational Interests: Flute, piano, classical music, opera, marionettes, photography, scuba diving, building dollhouses.


Agent—Dar Rollins, International Creative Management, 10250 Constellation Way, Ninth Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90067; Independent Talent Group, Oxford House, 76 Oxford St., London W1D 1BS, England.


Actor, writer, and director. Swaziland Theatre Club, Swaziland, member, c. 1970s; Troupe Theatre Company, Cape Town, South Africa, cofounder, actor, and director of plays, 1980-82. Appeared in advertisements. Worked in different capacities in the theatre. Public speaker at various venues. Worked as a waiter.


British Actors' Equity Association, Screen Actors Guild, Amnesty International.

Awards, Honors:

Nominated most promising newcomer, Plays and Players, c. 1984, for Tramway Road; National Board of Review Award (with others), best acting by an ensemble, 1994, for Pret-a-Porter; Screen Actors Guild Award, outstanding performance by the cast of a theatrical motion picture, Special Achievement Award, outstanding motion picture ensemble, Golden Satellite awards, International Press Academy, Critics Choice Award, best acting ensemble, Broadcast Film Critics Association, Florida Film Critics Circle Award, best ensemble cast, Online Film Critics Society Award, best ensemble, and Phoenix Film Critics Society Award nomination, best acting ensemble, all with others, 2002, for Gosford Park; Douglas Hickox Award nomination, British Independent Film awards, 2005, for Wah-Wah; Emm Gryner composed a piano suite for him.


Film Appearances:

Withnail, Withnail & I, HandMade Films, 1987.

Brewster, Hidden City, The Other Cinema/Norstar Releasing/New Films International, 1988.

Alistair "Ali" Berg, Killing Dad or How to Love Your Mother, Palace Pictures, 1989.

Dennis Dimbleby Bagley, How to Get Ahead in Advertising, Warner Bros., 1989.

Giles Redferne, Warlock (also known as Warlock: The Magic Wizard), Trimark Pictures, 1989.

Hugo Guiler, Henry & June, Universal, 1990.

Lord Laurence "Larry" Oliphant, Mountains of the Moon, TriStar, 1990.

Darwin Mayflower, Hudson Hawk (also known as The Adventures of Hudson Hawk), TriStar, 1991.

Roland Mackey, L.A. Story (also known as Los Angeles Story), TriStar, 1991.

Dr. Jack Seward, Dracula (also known as Bram Stoker's "Dracula," Bram Stokers "Dracula," Bram Stokerin Dracula, Dracula d'apres Bram Stoker, Dracula d'apres l'oeuvre de Bram Stoker, Dracula de Bram Stoker, Dracula, de Bram Stoker, Drakoulas, and Drakula), Columbia, 1992.

Tom Oakley, The Player, Fine Line Features, 1992.

Larry Lefferts, The Age of Innocence, Columbia, 1993.

The producer, Calliope (short film), Carl Schmitt Film-produktion, 1993.

Franz Kafka, Franz Kafka's "It's a Wonderful Life" (short film), BBC Films/Conundrum Films/The Scottish Film Production Fund, 1993, Tara Releasing, 1995.

Cort Romney, Pret-a-Porter (also known as Pret-a-Porter: Ready to Wear and Ready to Wear), Miramax, 1994.

Viktor Marek, In the Cold Light of Day (also known as The Cold Light of Day), Meteor Film Productions, 1994.

Jack, Jack & Sarah, Gramercy Pictures, 1996.

Lord Warburton, The Portrait of a Lady, Gramercy Pictures, 1996.

Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Twelfth Night: Or What You Will (also known as Twelfth Night), Fine Line Features, 1996.

Alex Salmon, Food of Love, Intrinsica Films/MP Productions, 1997.

Clifford (road manager for the Spice Girls), Spice World (also known as Five, Five Girls, It's Been a Hard 15 Minutes, Spice Girls, Spice Girls: The Movie, Spice: The Movie, Spice Up Your Life!, and Spiceworld!), Columbia, 1997.

James Fitzmaurice, The Serpent's Kiss (also known as Der Schlangenkuss and Le baiser du serpent), New City Releasing, 1997.

Gordon Comstock, Keep the Aspidistra Flying (also known as Comstock and Rosemary and A Merry War), Lions Gate Films, 1997, First Look Pictures Releasing, 1998.

Major Farquhar Chevening, St. Ives (also known as All for Love and St. Ives—Alles aus Liebe), BBC Films, 1998.

Sir Harry Parkins, Cash in Hand, Bald Eagle Motion Pictures, 1998.

George "Gorgeous" Gus, The Match (also known as The Beautiful Game), Gramercy Pictures, 1999.

Frederick Sackville-Bagg, The Little Vampire (also known as De kleine Vampier and Der kleine Vampir), New Line Cinema, 2000.

Himself, Strictly Sinatra (also known as Cocozza's Way), Universal, 2000.

George, Gosford Park, USA Films, 2001.

Wolf, Hildegarde (also known as Hildegarde, a Duck Down Under), Providence Entertainment, 2001.

Hudson Lowe, Monsieur N., 2003, Empire Pictures, 2005.

Father Rothschild, Bright Young Things, ThinkFilm, 2004.

Jarvis Jarvis, Tooth, Redbus Film Distribution, 2004.

Bonaparte Blenkins, The Story of an African Farm, Freestyle Releasing, 2005.

Narrator, The Making of a Film Idol (documentary), Falcon Film Productions, 2005.

Voice of Barkis Bittern, Corpse Bride (animated; also known as Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride"), Warner Bros., 2005.

Jasper, Colour Me Kubrick: A True … ish Story (also known as Color Me Kubrick, Colour Me Kubrick, and Appelez-moi Kubrick), EuropaCorp., 2005, Magnolia Pictures, 2007.

Bonaparte Blenkins, Bustin' Bonaparte, Freestyle Home Entertainment, 2006.

Himself, The King's Head: A Maverick in London (documentary; also known as A Maverick in London: The Story of the King's Head Theatre), Dragonfly Films/XI Pictures, 2006.

Voice of Preston, Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (live action and animated; also known as Garfield 2), Twentieth Century-Fox, 2006.

Franklin Wilhern, Penelope, 2006, Summit Entertainment, 2008.

James Booth, Always Crashing in the Same Car (short film), Handmade Films, 2007.

Voice of the vicar, Jackboots on Whitehall (animated), Swipe Films, 2007.

Colonel Philip Boyle, The Garden of Eden, Omega Entertainment, 2008.

Father, Nutcracker: The Untold Story, Mirovision, 2008.

Professor Flynn, Filth and Wisdom, Exposure/HSI, 2008.

Professor Julius Greengrass, Cuckoo, Papillon Pictures/ Punk Cinema, 2008.

St. Trinian's, Entertainment Film Distributors, 2008.

Film Director:

Wah-Wah, Samuel Goldwyn Films/Roadside Attractions, 2006.

Television Appearances; Series:

Sweet 16 (also known as Sweet Sixteen), BBC, 1983.

Narrator, Pallas, Channel 4 (England), 1991 and 1992.

Voice of Long John Silver, The Legends of Treasure Island (animated), Independent Television (England), 1993-95.

Voice of Captain Jim Star (title role), Captain Star (animated), Independent Television (England), 1997-98.

Sir Percy Blakeney and the Scarlet Pimpernel (title role), The Scarlet Pimpernel, BBC and Arts and Entertainment, 1999.

Simon Marchmont, Posh Nosh, BBC, 2003-2004.

Narrator, 90 Days in Hollywood (documentary), Biography Channel, 2004.

Narrator, The Regency House Party, Channel 4 (England) and PBS, 2004.

Paul Baker, Home Farm Twins, BBC, beginning 2005.

Himself, British Film Forever (documentary), BBC, beginning 2007.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Vernon, Lizzie's Pictures, BBC, 1987.

Laurance Sculby, Codename: Kyril, Showtime, 1988.

Host, Empire of the Censors, BBC, 1995.

Nick Balmer, Karaoke, BBC and Channel 4 (England), 1995, Bravo, 1996.

Nick Balmer, Cold Lazarus (edited from Karaoke), BBC and Channel 4 (England), 1996, Bravo, 1997.

The (quite handsome) Tenth Doctor, Comic Relief: Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death (also known as Children in Need, Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death, and Red Nose Day 1999: The Record Breaker), BBC, 1999.

Stephen Warrington, Trial and Retribution III (also known as Trial & Retribution III), Independent Television (England), 1999.

Voice of John the Baptist, The Miracle Maker (animated), ABC, BBC, and Sianel 4 Cymru (S4C, Wales), 2000.

Narrator, The 100 Greatest Movie Stars, Channel 4 (England), 2003.

Don Bennett, Above and Beyond, CBC, 2006.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Moonee Livingston, Honest, Decent & True, BBC, 1986.

Here Is the News, BBC, 1988.

Thieves in the Night, c. 1990.

Gerrard, Butter (short), Channel 4 (England), 1994.

James Harthouse, Hard Times, BBC, 1994, broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre (also known as ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre and Mobil Masterpiece Theatre), PBS, 1995.

Prince of Wales (the Prince Regent, later known as George IV), A Royal Scandal, BBC, 1996, broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre (also known as ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre and Mobil Masterpiece Theatre), PBS, 1997.

Bob Cratchit, A Christmas Carol, TNT, 1999.

Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock (also known as A Case of Evil and Sherlock Homes—Case of Evil), USA Network, 2002.

Jack Stapleton, The Hound of the Baskervilles, BBC, 2002, broadcast on Mystery!, PBS, 2003.

Television Appearances; Specials:

George Holly, Suddenly Last Summer, BBC, 1992, broadcast on Great Performances, PBS, 1993.

Nurse and Bedhead, "Bed," Performance, BBC, 1994.

Audience member, An Evening with Lily Savage, Independent Television (England), 1996.

Himself, In Search of Dracula with Jonathan Ross, London Weekend Television, 1996.

(Uncredited) Audience member, An Audience with Elton John, Independent Television (England), 1997.

Himself, The Peculiar Memories of Bruce Robinson, Channel 4 (England), 1999.

Himself, Withnail and Us, Channel 4 (England), 1999.

Narrator, Moonshot—The Spirit of '69, Independent Television (England), 1999.

Godfrey and Dobbin, Victoria Wood with All the Trimmings, BBC, 2000.

Himself, Victoria's Secrets, Channel 4 (England), 2000.

(In archive footage) Withnail, William Shakespeare, London Weekend Television, 2000.

Narrator, Christmas in Tinseltown, BBC, 2001.

Himself, The Making of "Gosford Park," Bravo, 2001.

Himself, We Know Where You Live (also known as Amnesty International's "We Know Where You Live—Live!"), Channel 4 (England), 2001.

Himself, NFT @ 50: Fifty Years of the National Film Theatre (also known as NFT at 50), BBC Four, 2002.

Himself, Seven Days That Shook the Spice Girls, Channel 4 (England), 2002.

Narrator, The People's Hollywood, BBC, 2003.

Himself, Comic Relief 2003: The Big Hair Do, BBC, 2003.

Himself, EastEnders: Christmas Party, BBC, 2003.

Narrator, The Story of Bohemian Rhapsody, BBC, 2004.

Narrator, Patrick Hamilton: Words, Whisky and Women, BBC Four, 2005.

Himself, Celebrity Shark Bait, Independent Television (England), 2005.

Inspector, The Secret Policeman's Ball (also known as The Secret Policeman's Ball 2006), Channel 4 (England), 2006.

Narrator, Viking Boat Race, Channel 4 (England) and More 4, 2006.

Himself, The Prince's Trust 30th Birthday: Live, Independent Television (England), 2006.

Himself, The Secret Policeman's Ball: The Ball in the Hall, Channel 4 (England), 2006.

Presenter, Elementary My Dear Viewer, Independent Television (England), 2007.

Presenter, Roald Dahl's Revolting Rule Book, Independent Television (England), 2007.

Himself, Heston Blumenthal's Perfect Christmas, BBC, 2007.

Television Appearances; Awards Presentations:

The Orange British Academy Film Awards, 2001.

Judi Dench: A BAFTA Tribute, BBC, 2002.

Victoria Wood: A BAFTA Tribute, BBC, 2005.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Himself, The Word, Channel 4 (England), 1990.

Himself, Aspel & Company, Independent Television (England), 1993.

Dream Justin, "Hospital," Absolutely Fabulous (also known as Ab Fab, Absolument fabuleux, Absolutt fabelaktig, Elu taeis uellatusi, Helt hysterisk, Helt hysteriskt, Pusszantlak, dragam!, and Todella upeeta), BBC, Comedy Central, and other networks in other countries, 1994.

Himself, "Richard E. Grant," Room 101, BBC, 1995.

Presenter, "The Actor's Cut," The Works, BBC, 1996.

Himself, "Cannon & Ball, Samantha Beckinsale, Richard E. Grant," Shooting Stars, BBC, 1996.

Himself, "Jools Holland, Richard E. Grant, Zig & Zag, Vic Reeves, Terrorvision, The Cure, Sleeper," TFI Friday (also known as Thank Four It's Friday), Channel 4 (England), 1996.

Himself, Moviewatch, Channel 4 (England), 1997.

Himself, "Richard E. Grant, Eamonn Holmes, Hurricane #1, Catatonia, Rialto," TFI Friday (also known as Thank Four It's Friday), Channel 4 (England), 1998.

Himself, Exclusive, Channel 5 (England), 1998.

Monsieur Vigee-Lebrun, "The Portrait," Let Them Eat Cake, BBC, 1999.

Himself, This Morning (also known as This Morning with Richard and Judy), Independent Television (England), 1999.

Himself, "Episode 10, Season 1," The Priory, Channel 4 (England), 2000.

Himself, Parkinson, BBC, 2000.

Presenter, "I Love 1987," I Love 1980's, BBC Two, 2001.

Himself, "Episode 50," So Graham Norton, Channel 4 (England), 2001.

Himself, The Kumars at No. 42, BBC and BBC America, 2001.

Guest star, "Episode 4," Lenny Henry in Pieces, BBC, 2002.

Himself, "Robert Altman in England," Omnibus, BBC, 2002.

Himself, "North West England," Restoration (also known as Restoration Village), BBC Two, 2003.

Himself, QI (also known as Quite Interesting), BBC, 2003.

Stephen Moon, "Goodnight, Seattle: Parts 1 & 2," Frasier (also known as Dr. Frasier Crane), NBC, 2004.

Himself, The Heaven and Earth Show (also known as Heaven and Earth with Gloria Hunniford), BBC, 2005.

Himself, Richard & Judy, Channel 4 (England), 2005 (multiple episodes).

Himself, Tubridy Tonight, Radio Telefis Eireann (RTE, Ireland), 2005.

Raymond West, "Nemesis," Marple (also known as Agatha Christie"Marple: Nemesis," Agatha Christie's "Marple," Agatha Christie's "Miss Marple," Marple: Nemesis, Miss Marple, Miss Marple: Nemesis, Miss Marple Series III, and Miss Marple, Series III: Nemesis), Independent Television, 2006, also broadcast on BBC, Arts and Entertainment, and CBC.

Himself, "Episode 17," The Paul O'Grady Show (also known as The New Paul O'Grady Show), Independent Television (England), 2006.

Himself, "June 6th, 2006—Where's Jennifer's Cap?," Rove Live, Ten Network (Australia), 2006.

Himself, Breakfast, BBC, 2006.

Himself, Enough Rope with Andrew Denton, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2006.

Himself, HARDtalk Extra, BBC, 2006.

Himself, Have I Got News for You (also known as Have I Got a Little Bit More News for You, Have I Got 1992 for You, Have I Got Old News for You, Have I Got the 90s for You, and HIGNFY), BBC, 2006.

Himself, 1 Leicester Square, MTV, 2006.

Himself, ShortCutters, Cellcast UK, 2006.

Himself, A Taste of My Life, BBC, 2006.

Lee Knight, "Demons on Our Shoulders: Parts 1 & 2," Dalziel & Pascoe (also known as Dalziel and Pascoe), BBC, 2007.

Himself, The Friday Night Project, Channel 4 (England), 2007.

Himself, The ONE Show, BBC, 2007.

Provided the voice of Kevin the fantom for Oscar's Orchestra (animated), BBC, France 3 (FR3), and syndicated. Appeared in other programs, including Ruby, BBC. Some sources cite an appearance in Deadwood, HBO.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Voice of Long John Silver, "The Quest Begins," The Legends of Treasure Island (animated), Independent Television (England), 1993.

Ethan Coryell, Prowler, CBS, 1995.

Himself, "Meet Jerry Hall," Kept, VH1, 2005.

Himself, Freezing, BBC Four, 2007.

Stage Appearances:

(As Richard Esterhuysen) Mordred, Camelot (musical), Swaziland Theatre Club, Swaziland, 1975.

Fanshen, People's Space Theatre, Cape Town, South Africa, 1980.

Man of Mode, Orange Tree Theatre, 1983.

Fenton, The Merry Wives of Windsor, New Shakespeare Company, Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park, London, 1984.

Lysander, A Midsummer Night's Dream, New Shakespeare Company, Open Air Theatre, 1984.

Tramway Road, Lyric Theatre Hammersmith, London, 1984.

Nazi, Bent (benefit production), Royal National Theatre, Adelphi Theatre, London, 1989.

Algernon Moncrieff, The Importance of Being Earnest, Aldwych Theatre, London, 1993.

The Play What I Wrote, Wyndham's Theatre, London, 2001.

Simon, Otherwise Engaged, Criterion Theatre, London, 2005-2006.

Appeared in Agamemnon, Metamorphosis, and Total Eclipse, all Troupe Theatre Company, Cape Town, South Africa. Appeared in other productions, including Stardust and Tartuffe.

Radio Appearances:

Voice of lead role, Dancing with the Dead (play), BBC Radio Four, 2002.

Host, Today's Great Movie Composers (series), Classic FM (Great Britain), beginning 2006.

Internet Appearances; Series:

Voice of the Doctor, Doctor Who and the Scream of the Shalka (animated; also known as Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka),, 2003.



Himself, Monsieur N., l'aventure du tournage (short), Loma Nasha, 2003.

(In archive footage) Ninth doctor, Flash Frames (short), 2 Entertain, 2006.

(In archive footage) Ninth doctor, Love Off-Air (short), 2 Entertain, 2006.

Himself, The Blood Is the Life: The Making of "Bram Stoker'sDracula’" (short), Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2007.

Music Videos:

Lulu, "Hurt Me So Bad," 1999.


Bram Stoker, Dracula, Highbridge Audio, 1992.

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Newby, A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush, HarperCollins Audio, 1995.

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Richard E. Grant, The "Wah-Wah" Diaries, Macmillan Audio Books, 2006.



Wah-Wah, Samuel Goldwyn Films/Roadside Attractions, 2006.


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The "Wah-Wah" Diaries: The Making of a Film, Picador, 2006.


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Richard E. Grant,, January 17, 2008.

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