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GRANT, Michael

GRANT, Michael. British, b. 1914. Genres: Classics, History. Career: Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge, 1938-49; Professor of Humanity, University of Edinburgh, 1948-59; Vice-Chancellor, University of Khartoum, Sudan, 1956-58; Vice-Chancellor, Queen's University of Belfast, 1959-66. President, Virgil Society, 1963-66, and Classical Association, 1977-78. Publications: From Imperium to Auctoritas, 1946, 1969; Aspects of the Principate of Tiberius, 1950; Roman Anniversary Issues, 1950; Ancient History, 1952; The Six Main Aes Coinages of Augustus, 1953; Roman Imperial Money, 1954; Roman Literature, 1954; (trans.) Tacitus: Annals, 1956; Roman History from Coins, 1958; (with D. Pottinger) Greeks, 1958; (with D. Pottinger) Romans, 1960; (trans.) Cicero: Selected Works, 1960; The World of Rome, 1960; Myths of the Greeks and Romans, 1962; (ed. and contrib.) The Birth of Western Civilisation, 1964, as Greece and Rome, 1986; The Civilizations of Europe, 1965; Cambridge, 1966; The Gladiators, 1967; The Climax of Rome, 1969; The Ancient Mediterranean, 1969; Julius Caesar, 1969; (trans.) Cicero: Selected Political Speeches, 1969; The Ancient Historians, 1970; The Roman Forum, 1970; Nero, 1970; Cities of Vesuvius, 1971; Herod the Great, 1971; Roman Myths, 1971; (trans.) Cicero on the Good Life, 1971; Cleopatra, 1972; The Jews in the Roman World, 1973; (with J. Hazel) Who's Who in Classical Mythology (in U.S. as Gods and Mortals in Classical Mythology), 1973; (ed.) Greek Literature (in Translation), 1973; Caesar, 1974; The Army of the Caesars, 1974; The Twelve Caesars, 1975; (trans.) Cicero: Murder Trials, 1975; The Fall of the Roman Empire, 1976; Saint Paul, 1976; Jesus, 1977; History of Rome, 1978; (ed.) Latin Literature (in Translation), 1979; Greek and Latin Authors, 1980; The Etruscans, 1980; The Dawn of the Middle Ages, 1981; From Alexander to Cleopatra, 1982; The History of Ancient Israel, 1984; The Roman Emperors, 1985; A Guide to the Ancient World, 1986; The Rise of the Greeks, 1988; The Visible Past, 1990; Short History of Classical Civilization, 1992; The Founders of the Western World, 1991; Greeks and Romans: A Social History, 1992; Readings in the Classical Historians, 1992; Constantine The Great, 1993; Saint Peter, 1994; My First Eighty Years, 1994; The Antonines, 1994; The Severans, 1996; From Rome to Byzantium, 1998. Address: Le Pitturacce, 351 Via dela Chiesa, Gattaiola, 55050 Lucca, Italy.

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