Flores, Von 1960-

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Flores, Von 1960-


Full name, Valentin Andres Tanga Flores IV; born April 5, 1960, in Malabon, Rizal, Philippines; father, in U.S. Navy; married. Education: Studied acting at American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Centre for Actors Study; studied movement and dance with Richard Sugarman Ballet, Hart House Ballet, and Studio Dance Theatre; attended University of Toronto. Avocational Interests: Playing the trumpet.


Actor. Previously worked in real estate.


Television Appearances; Series:

Ronald Sandoval, Earth: Final Conflict (also known as EFC, Gene Roddenberry's "Earth: Final Conflict," Invasion planete Terre, and Mission Erde: Sie sind unter uns), syndicated, 1997-2002.

Mr. Santos, a recurring role, Degrassi: The Next Generation (also known as Degrassi—La nouvelle generation), Noggin, between 2005 and 2008.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Hooker and detective, Soft Deceit, HBO, 1994.

Johnny Lee, Model by Day, Fox, 1994.

Sonny Hokori, TekWar (also known as TekWar: The Movie and TekWar: The Original Movie), syndicated, 1994.

Sonny Hokori, TekWar: TekJustice, syndicated, 1994.

Sonny Hokori, TekWar: TekLords, syndicated, 1994.

Marco, Picture Perfect, Fox, 1995.

Minh, Down Came a Blackbird (also known as Ramirez), Showtime, 1995.

Linh Tze Chou, Conundrum (also known as Frame by Frame), Showtime, 1996.

Mr. Seven, Gridlock (also known as Obstruction and Gridlock—Die Falle), NBC, 1996.

Johnny Lee, Darkman III: Die Darkman Die, HBO, 1996.

Carlos, Johnny 2.0, Sci-Fi Channel, 1997.

Jong Sung, Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms, The Movie Channel, 1998.

Miguel, Dogboys (also known as Tracked and Dresses pour tuer), The Movie Channel, 1998.

Mike Lee, Blood on Her Hands, ABC, 1998.

Assistant coroner, Sirens, Showtime, 1999.

Kong, Lucky Girl (also known as My Daughter's Secret Life), Lifetime, 2001.

Colonel Khan, Home beyond the Sun, 2004.

Father Louis, Plague City: SARS in Toronto, CTV, 2005.

Nick Perez, Cow Belles, The Disney Channel, 2006.

Mr. Santos, Degrassi Spring Break Movie, N Network, 2008.

Never Cry Werewolf, Sci-Fi Channel, 2008.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

A. J., "Tattoo," Friday the 13th (also known as Friday's Curse and Friday the 13th: The Series), syndicated, 1988.

"Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil," Katts and Dog (also known as Rin Tin Tin: K-9 Cop), The Family Channel, 1988.

"A Multitude of Idols," Katts and Dog (also known as Rin Tin Tin: K-9 Cop), The Family Channel, 1988.

Danny Kai, "Chinatown," Night Heat, 1988.

Alex, "A Multitude of Idols," War of the Worlds (also known as War of the Worlds: The Second Invasion), 1988.

Domingo Apalma, "Soul Custody," Street Legal, CBC, 1989.

"Desperate Sunday," Katts and Dog (also known as Rin Tin Tin: K-9 Cop), The Family Channel, 1989.

Seiji Koko, "The Chilling Effect," E.N.G., Lifetime, 1989.

Dan, "The Eyes of the Shadow," My Secret Identity, 1989.

Hito, "Year of the Monkey," Friday the 13th (also known as Friday's Curse and Friday the 13th: The Series), syndicated, 1990.

"Light at the End of the Tunnel," Katts and Dog (also known as Rin Tin Tin: K-9 Cop), The Family Channel, 1991.

Cinco, "Kim Tonahill and Tim Ruopp," Top Cops, 1991.

Soong, "The Fire Within," Beyond Reality, USA Network, 1992.

Jack Wong, "Initiation," Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, syndicated, 1993.

Vinh, "While She Was Out," The Hidden Room, 1993.

Jack Wong, "An Ancient Lottery," Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, syndicated, 1994.

Tran, "Can't Run, Can't Hide," Forever Knight, syndicated, 1994.

Judo instructor, "Armed Response," Picture Windows (also known as Picture Windows: Language of the Heart), Showtime, 1995.

Jack Wong, "Rites of Passage," Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, syndicated, 1995.

Harry, "The Robbery," Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years, syndicated, 1996.

Testu, "The Ronin," The Adventures of Sinbad, syndicated, 1996.

Suba, "Treason," La Femme Nikita (also known as Nikita), USA Network, 1997.

Testu, "The Treasure of the Ronin," The Adventures of Sinbad, syndicated, 1997.

Che Lao, "Memento Mori," Adventure Inc. (also known as Aventure et associes), syndicated, 2002.

Mr. Euchi, "No Pain, No Gain," Doc, PAX, 2004.

Kevin, "Eyes on the Prize," Angela's Eyes, Lifetime, 2006.

Appeared as Ed Reyes in "Bomb on Board," an episode of Mayday (also known as Air Crash Investigations and Air Emergency), Discovery Canada; also appeared in episodes of F/X: The Series, syndicated; and Night Heat, CBS.

Television Appearances; Other:

Grocer, Police File (special), ABC, 1994.

Rico, Human Trafficking (miniseries), Lifetime, 2005.

Film Appearances:

Japanese firefighter, Fireballs, 1987.

Gangbanger, Renegades, Universal, 1989.

Sing Won Duck, The Big Slice, New City Releasing, 1991.

Kenny, I Love a Man in Uniform (also known as A Man in Uniform), IRS Releasing, 1993.

Ray, Zero Patience, Cinevista, 1993.

Henry, Eclipse (also known as Unter schwarzer Sonne), Strand Releasing, 1994.

Mr. Kim, Car 54, Where Are You?, Orion, 1994.

Foreign Bodies, 1994.

Viet, Johnny Mnemonic (also known as Fugitivo del futuro and Johnny Mnemonique), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1995.

Koj, The Assignment (also known as Le mandat), Sony Pictures Entertainment, 1997.

A. D., Ham & Cheese, Decade Distribution, 2004.

Father Andrews, The Good Shepherd (also known as The Confessor and Le bon pasteur), Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2004.



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