Down, Lesley–Anne 1954–(Lesley Down)

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DOWN, LesleyAnne 1954(Lesley Down)


Born March 17, 1954, in London, England; daughter of P. James (a caretaker) and Isabella (maiden name, GordonYoung) Down; married Henri Gabriel (a camera operator), March 2, 1980 (divorced, 1981); married William Friedkin (a director, producer, actor, and writer), 1982 (divorced, 1985); married Don E. FauntLeRoy (a director, producer, and cinematographer), September 27, 1986; children: (second marriage) Josh "Jack" (a director); (third marriage) George Edward, SeasonMarie and Juliana (stepdaughters). Avocational Interests: Animal rights activism, collecting Victorian children's books.

Career: Actress. Appeared in commercials, beginning at age ten, and worked as a model.

Awards, Honors: Evening Standard British Film Award, most promising female newcomer, 1978, for The Pink Panther Strikes Again; Golden Globe Award nomination, best supporting actress in a series, miniseries, or television movie, 1986, and German Bravo Award, best actress, both for North and South.


Film Appearances:

(As Lesley Down) Diana, School for Unclaimed Girls (also known as Hellhouse Girls, House of Unclaimed Women, and The Smashing Bird I Used to Know ), 1969, Grand National, 1973.

Laura, All the Right Noises, 1969, Twentieth CenturyFox, 1973.

Sin un adios, Mercurio Films, 1970.

Tessa Hurst, Assault (also known as The Creepers, In the Devil's Garden, Satan's Playthings, and Tower of Terror ), Rank, 1971.

Ilona Nodosheen, Countess Dracula, Hammer Films/Twentieth CenturyFox, 1971.

Cecilia, Pope Joan (also known as The Devil's Imposter ), Warner Bros., 1972.

Rosemary Seaton, "The Door," From beyond the Grave (also known as Creatures, Creatures from beyond the Grave, Tales from beyond the Grave, Tales from the Beyond, and The Undead ), Amicus/Howard Mahler Films, 1972.

LucyAnn, Scalawag (also known as Un magnifico ceffo di galera and Protuva ), Paramount, 1973.

Luana, Brannigan (also known as Joe Battle ), United Artists, 1975.

Olga, The Pink Panther Strikes Again, United Artists, 1976.

Anne Egerman, A Little Night Music (also known as Das Laecheln einer Sommernacht ), New World, 1977.

Lady Roberta "Bobby" Ayres, The Betsy (also known as Harold Robbins' The Betsy ), Allied Artists, 1978.

Miriam/Madame Lucienne/Miss Brigid Lawson, The Great Train Robbery (also known as The First Great Train Robbery ), United Artists, 1979.

Margaret Sellinger, Hanover Street, Columbia, 1979.

Gillian Bromley, Rough Cut (also known as Roughcut ), Paramount, 1980.

Erica Baron, Sphinx, Warner Bros., 1980.

Dr. Flax, Nomads, Atlantic Releasing, 1984.

Herself, Scenes from the Goldmine, Hemdale, 1987.

Christine Turner, Night Trap (also known as Mardi Gras for the Devil ), Prism Entertainment, 1993.

Olivia Regent, Death Wish V: The Face of Death, Trimark Pictures, 1993.

Elaine, Out of Control (also known as Over the Line ), 1993.

Linda McClelland, Munchie Strikes Back, New Horizons Home Video, 1994.

Jean, In the Heat of Passion II: Unfaithful (also known as Behind Closed Doors and Unfaithful ), New Horizons Home Video, 1994.

Morgana, Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus (also known as Beastmaster III ), MCA Home Entertainment, 1995.

Lillian, Saving Grace, 1996.

Eve, The Secret Agent Club, Hit Entertainment, 1996.

Prostitute nurse, Meet Wally Sparks, Trimark Pictures, 1997.

Queen Beatrice, The King's Guard, Lions Gate, 2000.

Emily Meeks, The Meeksville Ghost, 2001.

District Attorney Murphy, 13th Child (also known as 13th Child, Legend of the Jersey Devil, Volume 1 ), Alex Mendoza and Associates, 2002.

Television Appearances; Series:

Stephanie Rogers, Dallas, CBS, 1990.

Olivia Blake Richards, Sunset Beach, NBC, 1997.

Lady Sheraton, a recurring role, Days of Our Lives, NBC, 2001.

Jacqueline Payne, The Bold and the Beautiful (also known as Belleza y poder ), CBS, beginning 2003.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Georgina Worsley, Upstairs, Downstairs, London Weekend Television (England), 19711975, broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 19741977.

Chloe, The Last Days of Pompeii, ABC, 1984.

Madeline Fabray LaMotte, North and South, ABC, 1985.

Madeline LaMotte Main, North and South, Book II, ABC, 1986.

Madeline Main, Heaven & Hell: North & South, Book III (also known as John Jakes' Heaven & Hell: North & South, Book III and North and South III ), ABC, 1994.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Ellie Dunn, Heartbreak House (also known as Play of the Month: Heartbreak House ), BBC (England), 1977, then PBS.

Unity Mitford (title role), Unity, BBC, 1981, then PBS.

Esmerelda, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (also known as Hunchback ), CBS, 1982.

Bridget Conway, Murder Is Easy (also known as Agatha Christie's "Murder Is Easy "), CBS, 1982.

Joan Madou, Arch of Triumph, CBS, 1985.

Morganna Ross, Ladykillers, USA Network, 1988.

Anne Kingston, Indiscreet, CBS, 1988.

Geneva Miller, Night Walk, CBS, 1989.

Anna Novacek, Family of Cops (also known as Une famille de flics ), CBS, 1995.

Barbara, Young Hearts Unlimited, Fox Family Channel, 1998.

Dr. Susan Chandler, You Belong to Me (also known as Mary Higgins Clark's "You Belong to Me " and Mary Higgins Clark: Tu m'appartiens ), PAX, 2001.

Helen Coburn, The Perfect Wife, Lifetime, 2001.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Diana Carver, Out of the Unknown: To Lay a Ghost (also known as To Lay a Ghost ), BBC2 (England), 1971.

Phyllis Dixey, The One and Only Phyllis Dixey (also known as PeekaBoo and PeekaBoo: The One and Only Phyllis Dixey ), PBS, 1979.

Third testifier, "Frog Girl: The Jennifer Graham Story" (also known as "The Frog Girl"), CBS Schoolbreak Special, CBS, 1989.

An AllStar Party for Aaron Spelling, ABC, 1998.

Herself, After Upstairs Downstairs, ITV (England), 2002.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Cheeky, "2774 AD: All the World's a Stooge," 6 Dates with Barker, London Weekend Television (England), 1971.

Caroline, "Chalk and Cheese," The Sweeney, ITV (England), 1975.

Chloe Simpson, "Maggie the Model," The Nanny, CBS, 1994.

Catherine Windsor, "A Model Murder," Diagnosis Murder, CBS, 1996.

Guest, The Buzz, YTV, 2002.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Cassandra, "Shivers," CBS Summer Playhouse, CBS, 1989.

Annabelle Proctor, 1775, CBS, 1992.

Stage Appearances:

Appeared in productions of Great Expectations, Hamlet, The Marquis, and Pygmalion.



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