Down to the Bone

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Down to the Bone ★★½ 2004

Sad tale of everyday addiction, portraying the issue with a bleakness that allows for authenticity that few films accomplish. Irene (Farmiga), a mother of two saddled with financial difficulties, begins using cocaine to get through her days working as a cashier in a suburban mega-store. But as time passes, her dependence, lies, and the personal tolls all mount. Eventually she seeks help at a rehab center and meets a nurse, Bob (Dillon), who is also a recovering user. The two become friends as they try to support each other's recovery. 105m/C DVD . US Vera Farmiga, Hugh Dillon, Clint Jordan, Caridad “La Bruja” De La Luz, Jasper Moon Daniels, Taylor Foxhall; D: Debra Granik; W: Richard Lieske, Debra Granik; C: Michael McDo-nough; M: Jackie O Motherfucker. L.A. Film Critics '05: Actress (Farmiga).

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Down to the Bone

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