Delk, Denny (Danny Delk)

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Delk, Denny (Danny Delk)


Married Karen Jones; children: Jenifer. Education: University of Tulsa, B.A., 1972.


Agent—TGMD Talent Agency, 6767 Forest Lawn Dr., Suite 101, Los Angeles, CA 90068. Office—American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, 260 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016-2401.


Actor. Delk and Associates, Inc., Pacifica, CA, president, 1982-97; Pedro Point Improvement, Pacifica, president, 1992-95; voice in radio and television commercials for Milk advertising campaign.


American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (member of board of directors; first vice president, 1990-97), American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (Health and Retirement Funds Board trustee, 1992-97), Screen Actors Guild.

Awards, Honors:

Best in West Award, American Advertising Federation, 1983 and 1986; Clio Media Promotion Personality Award, American Advertising Federation, 1987; First Annual Bill Hillman Award, San Francisco Local, outstanding service to American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, 2001.


Film Appearances:

Police sergeant, More American Graffiti (also known as Purple Haze), Universal, 1979.

Sergeant, Howard the Duck (also known as Howard: A New Breed of Hero), Universal, 1986.

Deputy, P. K. and the Kid, 1987.

Jury foreman, Golden Gate, Samuel Goldwyn, 1994.

Charlie Chan, You Not Chinese, 1994.

Captain Cornell, Farmer & Chase, Arrow Releasing, 1997.

Television Appearances; Series:

Wicket W. Warrick, Ewoks (also known as The All New Ewoks, Ewoks & Droids Adventure Hour, and Star Wars: Ewoks), ABC, 1986-87.

General McFarland, Spiral Zone, syndicated, 1987.

Inspector Jerry Larkin, Midnight Caller, 1989-90.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Warren Justice, Stolen: One Husband (also known as I Want Him Back), CBS, 1990.

Hayden, Babies, NBC, 1990.

Mr. Brittan, Mrs. Lambert Remembers Love, 1991.

Constable Madley, White Mile, HBO, 1994.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

"The Arrival," Falcon Crest, 1982.

Ben Tobey, "The Election," Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, 1982.


Video Games:

Voice, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (also known as Indy 4), LucasArts, 1992.

Voice of Hoagie, Purple, Green, and Dr. Tentacle, Day of the Tentacle, King Phoenix Entertainment, 1993.

Shep Kushman, Burl Kushman, and Lee Harvey, Sam and Max Hit the Road (also known as Sam & Max), 1993.

Voice of Storm trooper, dying rebel (Admiral Toka), and narrator, Star Wars: Dark Forces, LucasArts, 1994.

Voice of King Otar Fenris III, Lord of the Trolls, Badger of the Jury, and the Shrunken Head, King's Quest 7: The Princeless Bride, Sierra, 1994.

Voice of Cavefish Maximum Fish and Blotch (Rottwheelers), Full Throttle, LucasArts, 1995.

Voice of Admiral Zaarin, Priest, and Ripoblus, Star Wars: TIE Fighter Collector CD-ROM, LucasArts, 1995.

Voice of Intercom and Red Shirt One, Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire (also known as Star Wars: Rebel Assault II), LucasArts, 1995.

Voice of Commander Kielbasa and Jebba the Hop, Space Quest 6: The Spinal Frontier, Sierra, 1995.

Renegade: The Battle for Jacob's Star, Strategic Simulations, Inc., 1995.

Voice of Grizzly Bear, Narwhal, Arctic Gate, Castle Gargoyle, and Savanna Gate, Mortimer and the Riddles of the Medallion, 1996.

Voice of 8t88, Star Wars: Jedi Knight—Dark Forces II (also known as Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II), 1997.

Star Wars: Jedi Knight, LucasArts, 1997.

Voice of Murray, The Curse of Monkey Island, LucasArts, 1997.

Voice, Chessmaster 6000, Virgin Interactive Entertainment, 1998.

Voice of Admiral Zaarin, Bothan Officer, Rebel Officer, and Rebel Pilot, Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, LucasArts, 1999.

Star Wars: DroidWorks, Lucas Learning, 1999.

Voice of Chessmaster, Chessmaster 7000, 1999.

Voice of Murray and Santiago the Chessplayer Pirate, Escape from Monkey Island, LucasArts, 2000.

Voice of narrator, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II—Rogue Leader (also known as Rogue Leader and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II), LucasArts, 2001.

Voice of narrator, Commander 2, and Wingman 7, Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, LucasArts, 2003.

Voice of Training officer, Star Wars: Battlefront II, 2005.

Voice of narrator, Star Wars: Empire at War, LucasArts, 2006.



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