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CONNOR, Kevin 1937(?)


Born 1937 (some sources say July 14, 1940), in London, England; married Johanna; children: one.

Addresses: Agent Becsey/Wisdom/Kalajian, 9200 Sunset Blvd., Suite 820, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Manager John Redway Associates, 5 Denmark St., London WC2H 8LP, England.

Career: Director and editor.

Awards, Honors: Audience Award, 1998, for Mother Teresa: In the Name of God's Poor.


Film Director:

From Beyond the Grave (also known as Creatures, Creatures from Beyond the Grave, Tales from Beyond the Grave, Tales from the Beyond, and The Undead ), Warner Bros., 1975.

The Land That Time Forgot, American International Pictures, 1975.

At the Earth's Core (also known as Edgar Rice Burroughs' At the Earth's Core ), American International Pictures, 1976.

Trial by Combat (also known as A Choice of Arms, Choice of Weapons, and Dirty Knight's Work ), Gamma III, 1976.

The People That Time Forgot, American International Pictures, 1977.

Warlords of Atlantis (also known as Warlords of the Deep ), Columbia, 1978.

Arabian Adventure, Universal, 1979.

Motel Hell, United Artists, 1980.

The House Where Evil Dwells, United Artists, 1982.

Sunset Grill, New Line Cinema, 1993.

Age of Treason, Columbia, 1993.

Film Editor:

Oh! What a Lovely War, Paramount, 1969.

The Magic Christian, Commonwealth United Entertainment, 1969.

Bloomfield (also known as The Hero ), AVCO Embassy Pictures, 1971.

Romance of a Horsethief (also known as Le roman d'un voleur de chevaux ), Allied Artists Pictures Corp., 1971.

Young Winston, 1972.

Hitler: The Last Ten Days (also known as Gli ultimi 10 giorni di Hitler ), Paramount, 1973.

The Last Winter, 1982.

HaChoref Ha'acharon, 1984.

Film Work; Other:

Sound editor, Lancelot and Guinevere (also known as Sword of Lancelot ), 1964.

Sound, The Sailor from Gibraltar, Lopert Pictures Corp., 1967.

Television Director; Miniseries:

Goliath Awaits, syndicated, 1981.

Master of the Game, CBS, 1984.

(Hours 58) Mistral's Daughter, CBS, 1984.

North and South II (also known as North and South: Book II ), ABC, 1986.

Great Expectations, The Disney Channel, 1989.

I misteri della giungla nera (also known as Das Geheimnis des schwarzen Dschungels and The Mysteries of the Dark Jungle ), 1990.

L'amerique en otage (also known as Iran: Days of Crisis ), TNT, 1991.

Diana: Her True Story, NBC, 1993.

The Old Curiosity Shop, The Disney Channel, 1995.

Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story, NBC, 1995.

The Apocalypse Watch (also known as Robert Ludlum's The Apocalypse Watch ), ABC, 1997.

In the Beginning, NBC, 2000.

The Seventh Scroll, 2001.

Frankenstein, 2004.

Television Director; Movies:

The Return of Sherlock Holmes, CBS, 1987.

The Lion of Africa, HBO, 1987.

Danko's Dozen, 1988.

What Price Victory, ABC, 1988.

The Hollywood Detective, USA Network, 1989.

Spies, The Disney Channel, 1992.

Lethal Exposure (also known as Declic fatal ), NBC, 1993.

Jack Reed: Badge of Honor, NBC, 1993.

Shadow of Obsession, NBC, 1994.

Hart to Hart: Secrets of the Hart, NBC, 1995.

The Little Riders, The Disney Channel, 1996.

Mother Teresa: In the Name of God's Poor (also known as Mutter Teresa ), The Family Channel, 1997.

Mary, Mother of Jesus, NBC, 1999.

Santa, Jr., 2002.

Just Desserts, Hallmark Channel, 2003.

Television Work; Movies:

Editor, The Story of Jacob and Joseph, ABC, 1974.

Television Director; Pilots:

Powers Play, CBS, 1986.

Age of Treason, CBS, 1993.

Television Director; Episodic:

"The Imprudent Professor," Return of the Saint (also known as The Son of the Saint ), 1978.

"Harts' Desire," Hart to Hart, ABC, 1982.

"The Dungeon of Death," Wizards and Warriors, CBS, 1983.

"Vulkar's Revenge," Wizards and Warriors, CBS, 1983.

"Harts on the Scent," Hart to Hart, ABC, 1983.

"The Wayward Hart," Hart to Hart, ABC, 1983.

"Two Harts Are Better than One," Hart to Hart, ABC, 1983.

"Straight through the Hart," Hart to Hart, ABC, 1983.

"Harts and Hounds," Hart to Hart, ABC, 1983.

"Getting in Shape," Partners in Crime, 1984.

"Elegy in Steele," Remington Steele, NBC, 1984.

"Wins and Losses," Hotel (also known as Arthur Hailey's Hotel ), ABC, 1985.

"Next Stop Murder," Moonlighting, ABC, 1985.

"A Quiet Weekend in the Country," Dirty Dozen: The Series, Fox, 1988.

Also directed episodes of Space: 1999 (also known as Spazio: 1999 ), syndicated; "Red Holt Steele," Remington Steele, NBC; Partners in Crime (also known as 50/50 ), NBC.

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