Burkley, Dennis 1945–

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Burkley, Dennis 1945–

(Dennis Burkely, Dennis Burley)


Full name, Dennis Henry Burkley; born September 10, 1945, in Van Nuys, CA; raised in TX; son of Henry and Imogene (some sources cite name as David Imogene; maiden name, Ware) Burkley; married Laura Leigh Alderdice, November 18, 1967; children: Shawn, Shannon Joelle. Education: Texas Christian University, M.F. A., 1969.

Addresses: Agent— Schiowitz Connor Ankrum Wolf, 1680 North Vine, Suite 1016, Los Angeles, CA 90028.

Career: Actor. Worked as an acting teacher and swimming pool cleaner.

Member: Screen Actors Guild, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Honorable Knights of Red Chariot (Sergeant of Arms, 1978).

Awards, Honors: Appalachian Film Festival Award, best feature film, 2005, for Repetition; Dennis Burkley Day proclaimed by the Chamber of Commerce of Grand Prairie, TX.


Film Appearances:

Bubba, Nightmare Honeymoon (also known as Deadly Honeymoon), Metro–Goldwyn–Mayer, 1972.

Butts, Bummer (also known as Bummer! and The Sadist), Entertainment Ventures, 1972.

Second heavy, Stay Hungry, United Artists, 1976.

Gus, Heroes, Universal, 1977.

Deputy Pete Ungar, Laserblast, Irwin Yablans Company, 1978.

Chuck, The Slugger's Wife (also known as Neil Simon's "The Slugger's Wife"), Columbia, 1985.

Dozer, Mask (also known as Peter Bogdanovich's "Mask"), Universal, 1985.

Freeman Coverly, Murphy's Romance, Columbia, 1985.

Benny, Who's That Girl (also known as Slammer), Warner Bros., 1987.

Dan Bollard, Malone, Orion, 1987.

Farnsworth, Wanted: Dead or Alive, New World Pictures, 1987.

Mate, No Way Out, Orion, 1987.

Snake Pellino, Stewardess School, Sony Pictures Releasing, 1987.

Big Joe Becker, Pass the Ammo, New Century/Vista Film Company, 1988.

Butcher (a con artist), An Innocent Man (also known asHard Rain), Buena Vista, 1989.

Joe Jack, Fletch Lives (also known as Fletch Saved), Universal, 1989.

Tiny, The End of Innocence, Skouras Pictures, 1990.

Uncle Big, Lambada (also known as Il ballo proibito and L'originale erotic dance), Warner Bros., 1990.

Deak, Suburban Commando, New Line Cinema, 1991.

Dog, The Doors, Columbia/TriStar, 1991.

Motorcycle man, Rush, Metro–Goldwyn–Mayer, 1991.

Mitchell, Stop! or My Mom Will Shoot, Universal, 1992.

Oatmeal, Beyond the Law (also known as Fixing the Shadow), Columbia/TriStar, 1992.

Max the squealer, Wishman, Curb/Esquire Films, c. 1993.

Hank, Sidekicks, Triumph Releasing, 1993.

Theo, Son in Law, Buena Vista, 1993.

Dale Cross, Qiana (short film), Jo Films, 1996.

Earl, Tin Cup, Warner Bros., 1996.

Knopfler, Cheyenne, Bruder Releasing, 1996.

Calvin, Fathers' Day, Warner Bros., 1997.

(Uncredited) Dale the bartender, Con Air, Buena Vista, 1997.

Hillbilly, Touch, United Artists, 1997.

Orville Moss, Possums, HSX Films, 1998.

Sheriff Marlon Tolette, The First 9 1/2 Weeks (also known as The Ultimate Game. The First 9 1/2 Weeks), Lions Gate Films, 1998.

Sergeant Hunt, Vice (also known as Texas Taliban), Taz Films, 2000.

(As Dennis Burkely) Redneck, Knight Club, American World Pictures, 2001.

Sam Daniels, Wish You Were Dead, Alive & Kicking Productions, 2002.

Hank the bartender, Hollywood Homicide (also known as Hollywood Cops, Two Cops, Untitled Harrison Ford Starrer, Brottsplats Hollywood, Divisao de homicidios, Hollywood: Departamento de homicidios, Hollywood Mordkommission, Homicide a Hollywood, and Murha Hollywoodissa), Columbia, 2003.

Celebrity judge, Pauly Shore Is Dead (also known as You'll Never Wiez in This Town Again), CKrush Entertainment, c. 2004.

Gus, Keep Your Distance, Lunacy Productions/ Fabrications Films, 2005.

Teacher, Repetition, Big D. Productions, 2005.

Film Work:

Director and executive supervising producer, Repetition, Big D. Productions, 2005.

Television Appearances; Series:

Bud, The Texas Wheelers, ABC, 1974–75.

Mac Slattery, Forever Fernwood, syndicated, 1977–78.

Mac Slattery, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, syndicated, 1977–78.

Sam Dickey, Hanging In, CBS, 1979.

Cal Pettie, Sanford, NBC, 1980–81.

Voices of Principal Moss and others, King of the Hill (animated), Fox, beginning 1997.

Appeared as Sam Dickey in the unaired series Onward and Upward (also known as Mr. Dooley and Mr. Dugan), CBS, a series that was revamped and broadcast as Hanging In.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Krazewski, Once an Eagle, NBC, 1976.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Monty Leese, The Law, NBC, 1974.

Carter, The Invasion of Johnson County, NBC, 1976.

Stoney, The Call of the Wild, NBC, 1976.

Earl Lewis, Mad Bull (also known as The Aggressor), CBS, 1977.

Big Arnold, Amateur Night at the Dixie Bar and Grill, NBC, 1979.

Cal Logan, Mrs. R's Daughter, NBC, 1979.

Tom Doder, Charleston, NBC, 1979.

Darcy, Summer Fantasy, NBC, 1984.

Luke Doom, Four Eyes and Six Guns, TNT, 1992.

Danny Zerbo, Eye of the Stalker (also known as Moment of Truth: Eye of the Stalker), NBC, 1995.

George Freeman, Indictment: The McMartin Trial (also known as Naked Movie Star Games and Nothing but the Truth: The McMartin Story), HBO, 1995.

Sheriff Carroll, The Exonerated, Court TV, 2005.

Television Appearances; Specials:

AFI Presents"TV or Not TV?," NBC, 1990.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Street gang member, "Frequency," Emergency! (also known as Emergency One and Emergencia), NBC, 1973.

(Uncredited) Bartender, "No Immunity for Murder," Kojak, CBS, 1975.

Big Mama (a truck driver), "Bonnie and McCloud," Mc-Cloud, NBC, 1976.

Eddie Bell (the Omaha Tiger), "The Omaha Tiger," Star-sky and Hutch, ABC, 1976.

Eddie Hanks, "The Ripoff," Maude, CBS, 1976.

Howard, "Coulter City Wildcat," The Rockford Files (also known as Jim Rockford, Jim Rockford, Private Investigator, and Rockford), NBC, 1976.

Photographer, "The Maestro," One Day at a Time, CBS, 1976.

Roy Axelrod, "Point of Departure," Family, ABC, 1976.

Bartender, "Just Another Polish Wedding," The Rockford Files (also known as Jim Rockford, Jim Rockford, Private Investigator, and Rockford), NBC, 1977.

Thomas "Tom–Tom" Tomlinson, "No Deadly Secret," Quincy, M.E. (also known as Quincy), NBC, 1977.

"Mortgage Burnin' Blues," Eight Is Enough, ABC, 1977.

Ronco, "It's a Boy," Baretta, ABC, 1978.

Sam Dickey, "Maude's Big Move: Part 2 (a.k.a. The Wake)," Maude, CBS, 1978, served as the pilot for the unaired series Onward and Upward (also known as Mr. Dooley and Mr. Dugan), CBS, a series that was revamped and broadcast as Hanging In.

Sam Dickey, "Maude's Big Move: Part 3 (a.k.a. Washington)," Maude, CBS, 1978, served as the pilot for the unaired series Onward and Upward (also known as Mr. Dooley and Mr. Dugan), CBS, a series that was revamped and broadcast as Hanging In.

Thomas "Animal" Nicholas, "The Return of the Black Shadow," The Rockford Files (also known as Jim Rockford, Jim Rockford, Private Investigator, and Rockford), NBC, 1978.

Another Day, CBS, 1978.

Harry Cunningham, "Lobo," B.J. and the Bear, NBC, 1979.

Harry Cunningham, "Lobo's Revenge," B.J. and the Bear, NBC, 1979.

Bubba, "Find Loretta Lynn," The Dukes of Hazzard, CBS, 1980.

"Double Take, Double Take," The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo (also known as Lobo), NBC, 1980.

"Makin' Tracks," Young Maverick, CBS, 1980.

"The Sixteen Byte Data Chip and the Brown–Eyed Fox," Tenspeed and Brown Shoe, NBC, 1980.

Preacher, "Hog Wild," The Greatest American Hero, ABC, 1981.

Dr. George Avery, "Porko's II," Gimme a Break!, NBC, 1982.

Himself, The Book of Lists, CBS, multiple episodes in 1982.

(As Dennis Burley) Earl Dowd, "Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth," Scarecrow and Mrs. King, CBS, 1983.

Sergeant Ogden, "Baker's Dozen," The Fall Guy, ABC, 1983.

Sonny Crockett, "The Belles of St. Marys," Hill Street Blues, NBC, 1983.

Sonny Crockett, "Eugene's Comedy Empire Strikes Back," Hill Street Blues, NBC, 1983.

Sonny Crockett, "Life in the Minors," Hill Street Blues, NBC, 1983.

Sonny Crockett, "Spotlight on Rico," Hill Street Blues, NBC, 1983.

Tiny, "Short Notice," Knight Rider, NBC, 1983.

Angry man, "The Blizzard," Night Court, NBC, 1984.

Billy Taggart, "Running Free," The Yellow Rose, NBC, 1984.

"Growing Pains," E/R, CBS, 1984.

Goman Ragway, "Just Around the Corner," Trapper John, M.D., CBS, 1985.

Mickey Larsen, "Strange Visitor to Hazzard," The Dukes of Hazzard, CBS, 1985.

The fool, "O.D. Feelin'," The Hitchhiker (also known as Deadly Nightmares and Le voyageur), HBO, 1986.

Kickstart and Snookums, "Dead Men Don't Floss," Rip-tide, NBC, 1986.

Pee Wee, "When Worlds Collide," Who's the Boss?, ABC, 1986.

Farmer, "Primer," Outlaws, CBS, 1987.

Pee Wee, "Tony and the Professor," Who's the Boss?, ABC, 1989.

Bubba, "…And Sheep Are Nervous," Dream On, HBO, 1990, also broadcast on Fox.

Gator, "The Reasonable Doubt Mystery," Father Dowling Mysteries (also known as Father Dowling Investigates), ABC, 1990.

Big Mike, "Into the Woods," Evening Shade, CBS, 1991.

Bill Boy Swine, "High Noon in a Laundry Room," Designing Women, CBS, 1991.

Buford, "The Pride of Sugarbakers," Designing Women, CBS, 1991.

Jocko, "Here Comes Everybody: Parts 1 & 2," The New WKRP in Cincinnati, syndicated, 1991.

Repairperson, "An Officer and a Waldo," Family Matters (also known as Alle untereinem Dach, Cosas de casa, Cousas de casa, 8 sotto un tetto, La vie de famille, and Rakna med braak), ABC, 1992.

Gus, "The Proof Is in the Pudding," Evening Shade, CBS, 1993.

Hatfield, "Fresh Prince: The Movie," The Fresh Prince of Bel–Air, NBC, 1994.

Nestor, "The Houseguest," Ellen (also known as These Friends of Mine), ABC, 1994.

Walt Henderson, "Call Me Thea," Thea, ABC, 1994.

Walt Henderson, "Pie Queen and the Loan Duck," Thea, ABC, 1994.

Quelle Heure, "Clueless in San Francisco," Legend, UPN, 1995.

Tom Perry, "What Life?," ER (also known as Emergency Room), NBC, 1995.

Ernie (Pig), "Auntie Maimed," NYPD Blue, ABC, 1996.

Horace Calhoun, "The Cabin," Baywatch Nights (also known as Detectives on the Beach, Malibu Club, Mitch Buchannon, Baywatch–A remuelet ejszakai, Los vigilantes de la noche, and Un prive a Malibu), syndicated, 1996.

Rude man, "Missed Manners," Dave's World, CBS, 1996.

Smokey, "Self Defense," Renegade, USA Network and syndicated, 1996.

D. W. McQueen, "Inside Straight," Pacific Blue, USA Network, 1997.

Joe Bob, "A Boy and His Doll," Coach, ABC, 1997.

Jonathan Remington, "The Clown That Roared," Living Single (also known as My Girls), Fox, 1997.

Louie, "Caged," The Visitor, Fox, 1997.

Heavy detective, "Religion," Tracey Takes On, HBO, 1998.

Jungle Larry, "Yesterday's Heroes," JAG (also known asJAG: Judge Advocate General), CBS, 1998.

Larry, "Tim's First Car," Home Improvement (also known as Hammer Time and Tool Time), ABC, 1998.

Sonny, "Continental," Players, NBC, 1998.

Warden Jalouse, "Lock–Up," Martial Law (also known as Le flic de Shanghai, Ley martial, and Piu forte ragazzi), CBS, 1998.

Duke, "Bro–Jack," The Jamie Foxx Show, The WB, 1999.

Bill Fletcher, "Guilt," The Fugitive, CBS, 2000.

Horace, "Serpents," The Magnificent Seven, CBS, 2000.

First biker, "Drew and the Motorcycle," The Drew Carey Show, ABC, 2001.

"Laughlin It Up," Dead Last, The WB and YTV (Canada), 2001.

Fred, "He's Having a Baby," Reba (also known as Deep in the Heart, Family Planning, and Sally), The WB, 2002.

Impound owner, "Randy's Touchdown," My Name Is Earl (also known as Earl), NBC, 2005.

Roy Wade, "Number One," My Name Is Earl (also known as Earl), NBC, 2006.

Appeared as Julius Higgins in "Half–Past Noon," an un-aired episode of Young Maverick, CBS.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Biggie, Delta County, U.S.A., ABC, 1977.

Sheriff Ward (the law enforcer), Sutters Bay, CBS, 1983.

Frank Lupo, Brothers–in–Law, ABC, 1985.

Beef McCullough, Rowdies, ABC, 1986.

Mr. Jones, Life on the Flipside, NBC, 1988.

Wink Teasdale, Loralei Lee, CBS, 1994.

Appeared as Sam Dickey in a multipart episode ofMaude, CBS, 1978, that served as the pilot for the un-aired series Onward and Upward (also known as Mr. Dooley and Mr. Dugan), CBS, a series that was revamped and broadcast as Hanging In.

Television Director; Episodic:

The Infinite Power Workout, UPN, episodes beginning c. 1997.


Video Games:

(As Dennis Burkely) Solar Eclipse (also known as Titan and Titan Wars), Crystal Dynamics, 1995.



Repetition, Big D. Productions, 2005.