Mineralogical Association of Canada

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Mineralogical Association of Canada

490, rue de la Couronne
Quebec, QC, Canada G1K 9A9

Ph: (418)653-0333
Fax: (418)653-0777
E-mail: [email protected]

Mineralogical Association of Canada Scholarships (Postgraduate/Scholarship)

Purpose: To support the graduate students engaged in research in any field currently supported by MAC. Focus: Mineralogy. Qualif.: Applicants must be students entering their second year of an M.Sc. program or the second or third year of a Ph.D. program at any Canadian university or students who are Canadian citizens attending a university located outside of Canada. Criteria: Applications will be assessed by a committee consisting of three members of MAC council chaired by the Chairman of MACF.

Funds Avail.: CDN$10,000. To Apply: Applications must be accompanied by an official academic transcript (undergraduate and graduate). Applicants must provide an outline of their thesis project using two pages of single text. Applications and other documents must be sent to: MAC Scholarships, Mineralogical Association of Canada, 409 rue de la Couronne, Quebec, QC, G1K 9A9. Deadline: May 1. Contact: Pierrete Tremblay at the above address (see entry 4538).

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Mineralogical Association of Canada

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