Gamewarden of Vietnam Association

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Gamewarden of Vietnam Association

PO Box 701786
San Antonio, TX 78270
Free: (186)6220-7477
E-mail: [email protected]

Gamewarden Scholarship program (High School, Undergraduate/Scholarship)

Purpose: To discuss military history, military news, and othe rtopics of concern or interest about Vietnam. Focus: Vietnamese studies. Qualif.: Applicant must be 16-21 years old, full-time student; high school student may be considered; must be U.S. citizen; must be needing the assistance; must be the son, daughter or grandchild of a member of Game wardens; an applicant must be receiving an education from a four year or two year college, university, or vocational school. Criteria: Committee will consider the application based on the need of the applicant.

Funds Avail.: $500. Number Awarded: 3. To Apply: an applicant must fill out the application form and send to Game warden of Vietnam Association Office. Deadline: April 1.

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