Gameren, Tilman

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Gameren, Tilman or Gameren, Tylman van (c.1630–1706). Dutch architect and painter, he became the foremost C17 Baroque architect in Poland, having been invited (c.1660) to settle there, and took the surname Gamerski. He designed the villa at Puławy (1671–2), the first with a pediment on an Order in Poland. Three rooms designed by him for the pavilion within the Ujazdów area survive in the łazienki Palace, and he was also responsible for the Church of the Nuns of the Holy Sacrament in Warsaw's New Town (1688–92— one of the most perfect centralized churches in Europe), and for the Bernardine Church at Czerniaków, Warsaw (1687–92—on a Greek-cross plan with octagonal sanctuary). His Krasiński Palace, Warsaw (1688–95), was an outstanding achievement, and incorporated a Giant Order for the first time in Poland. He designed some 75 buildings in all, and remodelled the Palace at Nieborów (1695–7).


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