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Online Degree Programs
Englewood, Colorado

Distance Learning Program

Students can choose to enroll in courses either on an open-enrollment basis, which take four to seven weeks

to complete, or with a regularly scheduled seven–week class cohort group. Students choosing the cohort-group option participate in scheduled real-time AGSM interactive online classroom sessions with their professors and fellow students. Students choosing the open-enrollment option study independently, with ongoing faculty interaction. Courses include online classes held at specific times. Throughout the program, cohort students are assigned to a study/discussion group that works to complete case work and assignments together, so students benefit from each other's business experience. The average time required to complete the assignments and readings is 15–20 hours per week per course.

Delivery Media

Each regular course includes Web-based instructional/tutorial sections; real-time, interactive, online classroom sessions; case work; and group discussions. Professors respond to all students' questions on course content and assignments within 24 hours. Professors

monitor the online discussion groups and mediate on a regular basis to keep the students moving ahead and on the right track.

Programs of Study

AGSM offers two M.B.A. programs: the Online Executive M.B.A. program and the Accelerated M.B.A. program. Each program includes three foundation courses, six management and strategy courses, and a capstone course. Executive M.B.A. students also take a human resources management course and complete an 8-credit strategic capstone project, with specialization options, in which they are expected to incorporate knowledge from all previous courses to develop an appropriate strategy for the organization in question. Current options include international business, life sciences, entrepreneurship, security management, supply chain management, digital media, finance and governance, and customer relationship management. Accelerated M.B.A. students participate in a capstone strategy project seminar.

Student Services

AGSM's Student Services Team ensures that students receive course materials and required information concerning course exams in a timely manner and that student records are up-to-date and accessible. In addition, students have access to their professors via virtual classes, discussion rooms, and e-mails.

American Graduate School of Management (AGSM) enables students to achieve their educational and professional goals through premium anytime, anywhere management education. Its mission is to provide world-class management education for students and their organizations at their time and geographic point of need. Its vision is to be the preferred choice of twenty-first-century global students, managers, and their organizations. Even after completing the program of study, students are connected to AGSM through Webcasts, the Journal of Business Strategy, the Center for Advanced Management Practice, and other services to pursue their lifelong career objectives.

American Graduate School of Management and its parent company American Learning Solutions were established in 2000 as a Vanderbilt University technology company. Its founders included international education and public-policy leaders, who incorporated an approach that enables students to learn principles and ideas to apply to situations and learn to find answers and solutions through experiential training, active involvement, and immersion. Courses engage students by creating an environment that is interesting, stimulating, and effective. Using a range of interactive elements, students are enabled to use what they have learned, challenge their understanding of the material, and discuss concepts and solutions with their professors and classmates.

American Graduate School of Management is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council, which is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. It is also authorized by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education to operate as a degree-granting institution.

Credit Options

The Executive M.B.A. program requires completion of 12 courses, or 48 credits. The Accelerated M.B.A. program requires completion of ten courses, or 40 credits. The School accepts transfer credit for a maximum of 16 credits toward the Executive M.B.A. degree and a maximum of 12 credits toward the Accelerated M.B.A. degree. Course transfers need to be semester equivalents.


AGSM employs a core of dedicated professors, most of whom hold a Ph.D. or equivalent terminal degree in their field of study, who bring a unique blend of extensive online teaching experience and applied corporate experience to the classroom. Many also work in a corporate setting in a managerial or executive capacity, and several have publishing credits, including books and magazine articles in a number of scholarly and trade publications, including the Journal of Business Strategy. Other contributors to the journal also serve as guest lecturers and program advisers.


Admission to the program requires at least five years of work experience, including two years at the leadership level; an undergraduate GPA of B or higher; and two references from current or past senior managers, clients, or associates.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is $23,520 for the Executive M.B.A. program and $19,600 for the Accelerated M.B.A. program. Tuition per credit is $490. Other fees include a $75 application fee, a graduation fee of $100, and a transcript fee of $10 per request. Executive M.B.A. program students choosing the optional international trip as part of the International Business option are required to pay an additional $1960. Students can also expect to spend approximately $1200 on books.

Financial Aid

Scholarships valued up to $5000 are available to qualifying students. To be considered for these awards, students must apply no later than two weeks prior to the start date of the next class. Loans with low-interest rates are also available from Ed America and Educational Financial Services.


American Graduate School of Management
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Phone: 800-566-8774 (toll-free)
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To be considered for the program, applicants must submit a completed application form either online or via fax or mail; two references from current or past managers, clients, or associates; official transcripts from all colleges or universities previously attended; an updated resume and cover letter that outlines current job responsibilities and assignments, career accomplishments, and professional and personal goals; and a $75 application fee. AGSM is a GMAT-using school (institution code is 7196).

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