American Gothic

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American Gothic woof! Hide and Shriek 1988 (R)

Three couples headed for a vacation are instead stranded on an island and captured by a demented family headed by Steiger and De Carlo, a scary enough proposition in itself. Even worse, Ma and Pa have three middle-aged moronic offspring who still dress as children and are intent on killing the thwarted vacationers (who are none too bright themselves) one by bloody one. A stultifying career low for all involved. 89m/C VHS, DVD . CA GB Rod Steiger, Yvonne De Carlo, Michael J. Pollard, Sarah Torgov, Fiona Hutchinson, William Hootkins, Terry Kelly, Mark Ericksen, Caroline Barclay, Mark Lindsay Chapman; D: John Hough; W: Michael Vines, Bert Wetanson; C: Harvey Harrison; M: Alan Parker.

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American Gothic

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