wine classification, Germany

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wine classification, Germany (and Austria) Tafelwein (Deutscher tafelwein is of German origin; wine labelled simply as tafelwein may be of mixed origin); Landwein (dry or half‐dry wines from one of fifteen designated areas); Qualitätswein bestimmer Anbaugebeite, QbA (from eleven designated areas and approved grape varieties, sugar may be added to increase sweetness, each bottle carries a batch number (Amtlicher Prüfungsnummer, AP), as proof that it complies with QbA status); Qualitätswein mit Prädikat, QmP, with six quality gradings based on the level of natural sugar at harvest (extra sugar may not be added): kabinett, light, fruity, and delicate, usually dry; spätlese, late‐picked grapes, dry to sweet; auslese, selected late‐picked grapes, rich and sweet; beerenauslese, late‐picked grapes affected by noble rot, always sweet; trockenbeerenauslese, late‐picked grapes that have dried to raisins on the vine, strong and sweet; eiswein, rare, made from grapes that have frozen on the vine, very sweet.